Lunar Magicks Guide


The Lunar Magick spell book differs significantly from the other spell books. It does contain a few unique teleports and also the option to teleport groups of people. However, it is mainly based on helping friends and teammates and helping you with various tasks associated with non-combat skills (stringing amulets, for example). The spell book has no attack spells although with the new healing and pot sharing spells it may become indispensable to PKing teams.

Lunar Magick becomes available when the Lunar Diplomacy Quest is completed.Even more Lunar spells become availabe after completion of the Dream Mentor quest. All of the Lunar Spells require Astral Runes to cast. These runes can be bought from other players, crafted via the Runecrafting skill, or bought from Baba Yaga in the Chicken house (at cheap prices, beginning at 50gp each at full stock). The Lunar Magick spell book cannot be used at the same time as either of the other spell books (Normal or Ancient). To switch to Lunar Magicks you must pray at the Astral Rune altar in the southeast corner of Moonclan Island.

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The Spells

After switching to Lunar Magicks, these spells will be shown in your spell book instead of normal or Ancient spells. Any of the spells that involve other players will only work if the recipient of the spell has their 'Accept Aid' option switched to ON. A feature of Lunar Magicks is the ability to teleport groups of players. The complete Lunar spell book is as follows:

Lunar Magick Spells
Pic Lvl Name Runes Description Exp
0 Home Teleport None (see below) Teleports you back to Lunar Island. 0
65 Bake Pie 1 astral 5 fire 4 water Quickly cooks all unbaked pies in your inventory one at a time with a 100% success rate, without needing a fire or stove. One set of runes is used for each pie. (Also gives normal cooking experience). 60
66 Cure Plant 1 astral 8 earth Cures disease when cast on diseased plant. 60
66 Monster Examine* 1 astral 1 cosmic 1 mind When cast on a monster it displays their combat level, hitpoints, max hit and whether or not it is a slayer monster. 61
67 NPC Contact 1 astral 1 cosmic 2 air Allows contact with certain NPCs from anywhere (see below). More NPC's become available after completion of the Dream Mentor Quest. 63
68 Cure Other 1 astral 1 law 10 earth Cures poison when cast on poisoned player. 65
68 Humidify* 1 astral 3 water 1 fire When cast all items which can hold water (Vials, buckets etc.) in your inventory will fill. Does not work on some quest items 65
69 Moonclan Teleport 2 astral 1 law 2 earth Teleport to Moonclan Island bank. 66
70 Tele Group Moonclan 2 astral 1 law 4 earth Teleport group (see below) to Moonclan Island bank. 67
71 Cure Me 2 astral 1 law 2 cosmic Cures you of any poison. 69
71 Hunter Kit* 2 astral 2 earths Puts a Hunter Kit in your inventory. This contains -noose, butterfly net, bird snare, noose wand, rabbit snare, teasing stick and torch 70
72 Waterbirth Teleport 2 astral 1 law 1 water Teleport to Waterbirth Island. 71
73 Tele Group Waterbirth 2 astral 1 law 5 water Teleport group (see below) to Waterbirth Island. 72
74 Cure Group 2 astral 2 law 2 cosmic Cures poison on all those within 1 space and also cures the caster. 74
75 Stat Spy* 2 astral 2 cosmic 5 body Cast on other players to see their stats. 76
75 Barbarian Teleport 2 astral 2 law 3 fire Teleport to the Barbarian Outpost (far northwest of Ardougne). 76
76 Telegroup Barbarian 2 astral 2 law 6 fire Teleport group (see below) to the Barbarian Outpost (far northwest of Ardougne). 77
77 Superglass Make 2 astral 6 fire 10 air Instantly turns every pair of Bucket of Sand and Soda Ash(or seaweed) in your inventory into about 1.3 times as many Molten Glass**, without needing a furnace. Only one set of runes is used for the whole inventory. (Also gives 10 crafting experience per sand/ash used). 78
78 Khazard Teleport 2 astral 2 law 4 water Teleport to Port Khazard. 80
79 Tele Group Khazard 2 astral 2 law 8 water Teleport group (see below) to Port Khazard. 81
79 Dream* 2 astral 1 cosmic 5 body Puts your charcater to sleep, increasing the rate at which your hitpoints replenish. You cannot do anything while you are asleep, and clicking on anything will wake you up. 82
80 String Jewelry 2 astral 10 earth 5 water Quickly strings all amulets in your inventory, without needing any wool. One set of runes is used for each stringing. (Also gives 4 crafting experience per amulet). 83
81 Stat Restore Pot Share 2 astral 10 earth 10 water Cast on a restore, super restore, prayer, energy, or super energy potion - gives one dose of that potion to up to four players within one square of you (including the four diagonal spaces). 84
82 Magic Imbue 2 astral 7 fire 7 water Enables you to combine runes without a talisman for a short period of time. 86
83 Fertile Soil 3 astral 15 earth 2 nature Cast on an empty allotment to fertilise soil with super compost (+18 farming experience). 87
84 Boost Potion Share 3 astral 12 earth 10 water Cast on an attack, super attack, strength, super strength, defence, super defence, agility, fishing, ranging, or magic potion - gives one dose of that potion to up to four players within one square of you (including the four diagonal spaces). 88
85 Fishing Guild Teleport 3 astral 3 law 10 water Teleport to the area directly outside the Fishing Guild. 89
86 Tele Group Fishing Guild 3 astral 3 law 14 water Teleport group (see below) to the area directly outside the Fishing Guild. 90
86 Plank Make* 2 astral 15 earth 1 nature and money Converts 1 log into a plank. Wood - 70gp Oak - 175gp Teak - 350gp Mahogany - 1050gp. More information can be found in the Construction guide. 90
87 Catherby Teleport 3 astral 3 law 10 water Teleport to Catherby. 92
88 Tele Group Catherby 3 astral 3 law 15 water Teleport group (see below) to Catherby. 93
89 Ice Plateau Teleport 3 astral 3 law 8 water Teleport to Ice Plateau (level 50 wilderness, west of the agility course). 96
90 Tele Group Ice Plateau 3 astral 3 law 16 water Teleport group (see below) to Ice Plateau (level 50 wilderness, west of the agility course). 99
91 Energy Transfer 3 astral 2 law 1 nature Transfers some of your run energy and all special attack energy to target; damages you. 100
92 Heal Other 3 astral 3 law 1 blood Transfers up to 75% of your hitpoints to the target, they take as much as they can. 101
93 Vengeance Other 3 astral 10 earth 2 death Gives target the power of vengeance (see below). 108
94 Vengeance 4 astral 10 earth 2 death Gives you the power of vengeance (see below). 112
95 Heal Group 4 astral 6 law 3 blood Transfers up to 75% your hitpoints to anyone within one space around you who is injured (starting with those that are more injured). 124
96 Spellbook Swap* 3 astral 2 cosmic 1 law Lets you change to a different spell book (Normal or Ancient) for one spell. 130

* Note These spells only become available after completion of the Dream Mentor Quest.
** Note This amount is only an average.

No runes are required for the Home Teleport spell, but you have to wait 30 minutes before casting it again - this counts if you have used the Lumbridge or Edgville home teleports recently as well. The spell animation takes some time, so it cannot be used to leave combat. It is useful for quickly getting back to the Moonclan Island.

Tele Group: When a 'Tele Group' spell is cast, the caster will be teleported and then all players that were standing within one square (including the four diagonal squares) of the caster will receive the option to also be teleported to the location. However, if one or more players inside the spell's area of effect have their Accept Aid option OFF then no one will be teleported.

Vengeance: Vengeance is a special spell. When cast it gives the target the power to inflict about 75% of the damage received back onto the attacking enemy (similar to ring of recoil effect). The spell lasts only until the damage is inflicted for the first time, it will disappear after damage has been done.

NPC Contact: The following are the NPC's that you can talk to and what each allows you to do:

  • All five slayer masters: Turael, Mazchna, Vannaka, Chaeldar, and Duradel - you can contact them and ask them for an assignment (assuming you have the required levels to talk to them normally).
  • The mini-game instructors: Lanthus, Murphy, and Honest Jimmy - you can ask them how their mini-game (in the order, Castle Wars, Trawler Fishing, and Trouble Brewing) is faring. The options are to ask them how long until the next game begins, or to ask how many people are in each team's waiting room (though Murphy can't be asked the waiting room question).
  • Bert the Sandman - you can only contact him if you have finished the Hand in the Sand quest. When you contact him you can ask him to bring your daily allowance of sand to the bank.
  • Advisor Ghrim - you can only contact him if you have finished the Throne of Miscellania quest. When you contact him you can Manage your Kingdom and collect your gathered materials or change your workforce's jobs, but you cannot deposit or withdraw cash.
  • Cyrisus - After completing the Dream Mentor Quest you can have a chat with him.
  • Random - Available after completing the Dream Mentor Quest. Have a chat with a random NPC!
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Lunar Clothing

During the Lunar Diplomacy Quest, you are required to craft a set of Lunar Clothing and make a Lunar Staff. You may keep the clothing at the end of the quest. Lunar Clothing requires 65 magic and 40 defence to wear. Should you lose your Lunar Clothing you can speak to the Oneiromancer to buy it back. The Lunar Clothing set consists of the following items:

Lunar Clothing
Attack Bonus Defence Bonus Other Bonuses
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Strength Prayer
0 0 0 +3 -2 +8 +7 +10 +2 0 0 0
0 0 0 +10 -10 +34 +22 +40 +12 0 0 0
0 0 0 +7 -7 +20 +19 +23 +9 0 0 0
0 0 0 +4 -1 +2 +1 +1 +2 0 0 0
0 0 0 +2 -1 +1 +2 +2 +2 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0 0 +1 +1 0 +2 0 0
0 0 0 +2 0 0 0 0 +2 0 0 0
0 0 0 +1 0 0 0 0 +1 0 0 0
+3 +2 +16 +13 0 +2 +3 +2 +13 +1 +15 +3

Note: The Lunar Staff does not allow you to autocast any of the spells from the Lunar Magicks spell book. It does, however, have all the properties of a Dramen Staff (such as allowing access to Zanaris, and to the Fairy Rings if you have begun the Fairy Tale part II - Cure a Queen Quest).

Purchasing replacement lunar clothing from the Oneiromancer costs about the same as Mystic robes. The body is 120K, the helm is 12K, the ring is 2K, etc.

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Using Lunar Magicks


The NPC contact spell is of great use to slayers as it allows the slayer to change assignments remotely. This includes Buthorping unwanted assignments, so no more games necklace teleporting to Burthorpe. The limited number of teleports in the Lunar spell book can be augmented by use of the Fairy Rings (Amulet of glory teleport to Edgeville for quick access to the rings); and remember that the Lunar Staff is also a Dramen Staff. Lunar Magicks do have disadvantages for slaying. The Magic Dart spell is unavailable, as are many other useful spells. However, the time-saving element of Lunar Magicks could make up for this.


It is obvious that a Lunar Mage alone in the Wildy is not going to be a particularly effective PKer. However, in combination with other PKers the Lunar Mage can raise the efficiency of the team. The Lunar Mage can both eat and use potions for the fighters in the group, leaving them free to engage in continuous combat. Additionally, the Lunar Mage can give the team the power of Vengeance, which is an added bonus, especially in close fights! Last but by no means least, by using the Share Energy spell the Lunar Mage can give the fighters in the group extra special attack energy. This means up to eight dds specs at one time!


Lunar magics is good for farming. Firstly, the teleports are just right. The Fishing Guild teleport goes right next to the North Ardougne farming patch, and the Catherby teleport is a quick hop to the patches instead of the walk from Camelot. The spells are also helpful. Level 66: 'Cure Plant'is great, and Level 83: 'Fertile Soil' really clinches it with no more need to collect super compost - you have all you would ever need.

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Original Guide by: Dogfever and Kwimbob

Thanks to: Headnazgul, Pker_Dude_Jr, pokemama, SaidinWoT, slimysteve, trumpet12345, ventuzz, Wizard111111

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