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A comprehensive listing of the daily atrocities and tragedies suffered by Palestinians and Bedouin under Israeli Occupation.


Matrix of Control

While supposedly negotiating the end to the Occupation and the emergence of a Palestinian state, Israel has continued to develop a Matrix of Control over the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem through land expropriation, settlement expansion, the construction of exclusively 'Israeli' roads, an economic closure and the creation of controlling "facts" on the ground. The dismantling of the Matrix of Control is the key to achieving a just peace.

What is ICAHD

ICAHD is a non-violent, direct-action group originally established to oppose and resist Israeli demolition of Palestinian houses in the Occupied Territories. As our activists gained direct knowledge of the brutalities of the Occupation, we expanded our resistance activities to other areas - land expropriation, settlement expansion, by-pass road construction, policies of "closure" and "separation," the wholesale uprooting of fruit and olive trees and more. The fierce repression of Palestinian efforts to "shake off" the Occupation following the latest Intifada has only added urgency to our efforts.

As a direct-action group, ICAHD is comprised of members of many Israeli peace and human rights organizations. All of our work in the Occupied Territories is closely coordinated with local Palestinian organizations.

Since its founding, ICAHD's activities have extended to three interrelated spheres: resistance and protest actions in the Occupied Territories; efforts to bring the reality of the Occupation to Israeli society; and mobilizing the international community for a just peace. Our activities include:

  • Resisting the demolition of Palestinian homes. ICAHD members physically block bulldozers sent to demolish homes. We also mobilize hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians to rebuild them as acts of resistance. In addition to its effectiveness as a means of raising awareness of the workings of the Occupation, house rebuilding has proven an effective vehicle of grassroots peace-making.

  • Disseminating information and networking. Our familiarity with realities "on the ground" gives us special authority and insight in our frequent contacts with diplomats, fact-finding missions, the public and the media. We work closely with other peace and human rights organizations in Israel, in Palestine and internationally on campaigns to end the Occupation and secure a just peace for all. ICAHD also conducts informational tours of the Occupied Territories from a critical peace perspective, sends speakers on informational tours and participates in international conferences and gatherings.

  • Providing strategic practical support to Palestinian families and communities. ICAHD aids Palestinians in filing police claims, in dealing with the Israeli authorities, in arranging and subsidizing legal assistance, and in general coping with the traumas and tribulations of life under Occupation. In this way we learn about the internal workings of the Occupation, which we then convey to the broader public. ICAHD also cooperates with other human rights organizations to present legal challenges to Israeli actions and policies in the Occupied Territories.

The Goal: A Just and Sustainable Peace

As Israelis, we believe that the only chance for a genuine peace is one that enables the Palestinians to establish what we have, a viable and truly sovereign state of their own. A just peace will also provide all the peoples of our region with the security, dignity, freedom and economic opportunities they deserve The future may witness the emergence of a regional confederation enhancing the viability of each of our societies to cope with a global reality.

What are ICAHD-USA and ICAHD-UK?

ICAHD-USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
incorporated in July, 2004, in order to help raise awareness in the US of
the Israeli government's demolition of Palestinian homes and its gradual
annexation of Palestinian land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
ICAHD-USA seeks to educate the American public about campaigns by the
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) in Israel/ Palestine and
to raise money to
support ICAHD's house buidling and educational work.

ICAHD-USA's activities include:

* Conducting community presentations, workshops at conferences, and
presentations at synagogues, churches, universities and festivals on the
Israel-Palestine conflict;
* Maintaining an active Speakers Bureau;
* Engaging the news media on Israel and Palestine, and publishing op-ed
pieces and other articles;
* Co-sponsoring educational and cultural events;
* Networking with other organizations, including ICAHD in Jerusalem,
that provide educational information about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict;
*Raising money to support ICAHD's house buiding and educational work;
*Providing materials, speakers and other support for house party
fundraising events.

For more information about ICAHD-USA, visit our website at,
or email us at

ICAHD-UK supports the work of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) in England. ICAHD UK raises money for and promotes this work, and lobbies at every level of governmentin the UK. The objective of both organisations is to help achieve a just and sustainable peace between Israelis and Palestinians.


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