EAZA Tiger Campaign 2002/4

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The EAZA Tiger Campaign was held in EAZA member institutions throughout Europe from 2002 to 2004. The campaign was launched during the EAZA Annual Conference in Barcelona in September 2002, and the official closing of the campaign took place at the EAZA Annual Conference in Kolmarden, September 2004.

The aim of this campaign was to contribute to in situ conservation of the five subspecies of tiger left in the world, by raising public awareness and raising funds in support of selected tiger conservation projects. The goal was to raise a total amount of €500,000.


Like the former campaigns, the EAZA Tiger Campaign has been a major success. Some achievements are:

  • A total of 133 institutions (from 24 countries) participated in this
  • Over €750,000 has been raised for in situ tiger conservation;
  • The campaign provided the opportunity for EAZA institutions to
       continue with their support to in situ tiger conservation projects
       via 21stCentury Tiger.

  • Future impact

    Raising funds and awareness for in situ tiger conservation hopefully results in a long lasting effect and a better understanding of the existing conservation programmes. Whilst the EAZA Tiger Campaign was officially closed in 2004, the work for tiger conservation continues. Part of the EAZA membership continues to support in situ tiger conservation activities via 21stCentury Tiger.