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Akunwafor, Daniel
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.,Political Science/ Urban Economics, Howard University
M.S.L.S., Catholic University
B.A., University of theDistrict of Columbia

Crawford, George
Assistant Professor
J.D., Texas Southern University
B.A., MorehouseCollege

Debnam, Robert, CPA
M.S.T., Accounting/Taxation, Southeastern University
B.S., George Washington University

Edim, Emmanuel
M.B.A., Marketing, University of the District of Columbia
B.S., Strayer University

Eke, Nlemadim
Assistant Professor
D.P.S., International Business Mgmt,
Pace University
M.S., Industrial Mgmt, University ofIllinois

Geriesh, Lotfi H.
Assistant Professor
D.B.A., Accounting, NOVA Southeastern University
M.S.A., Southeastern University

Hester, Lorenzo
M.B.A., Management,UnionUniversity
B.B.A., University ofMemphis

Islam, Muhammad
Associate Professor
Ph.D., M.A., Economics, Northeastern University
M.A., Economics/StatisticsUniversity ofManitoba
B.S., JahangirnagarUniversity

Johnson, Jerry
M.S., Guidance Counseling

Keazor, Eugene
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., SociologyHowardUniversity
M.S., Coppin State University

Lamas, Jorge
Associate Professor
Ph.D., M.S., M.A., B.A., Economics, George Washington University

McRae, Issac
Assistant Professor
M.S.T., Accounting/Taxation, Southeastern University
B.B.A., Howard University

Mehrsefat, Hadi
Assistant Professor
M.B.A., Accounting, University ofScranton
B.A., Institute of Banking Sciences, Tehran

Mian, Masood M.
Assistant Professor
M.B.A.. International Mgmt., Southeastern University
B.A., Punjab University

Miller, Jerome, CPA
Assistant Professor
M.S.T. Accounting/Taxation, Southeastern University
B.S., Gannon University

Milton, John W.
Assistant Professor
JD, Rutgers University School of Law
MBA, Global Enterprise Management, Jones International University
BS, Electronic Eng./Computer Science, New York Institute of Technology

Nayak, Nikhil
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Administration and Management, Walden University
M.S., Management, Florida Institute of Technology
B.S., Maryland University

Okafor, Jonas, CPA
Assistant Professor
M.B.A., Business Admin, University of theDistrict of Columbia
B.S., State University of New York at Oneonata

Onye, Stanley
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Government and Politics,University of Maryland
M.A., Political Science and Public Administration, Howard University

Peters, David, CPA
Associate Professor

M.S.A., Accounting
M.P.A., TheAmericanUniversity
B.A., University ofNebraska

Plummer, Patricia
Assistant Professor
M.B.A., Business Administration, Howard University
B.S., York College of Pennsylvania

Reeves, Willie-Lloyd
Associate Professor
J.D. and B.A., Howard University

Safa, Mohammed M.
Professor - FT
Ph.D., Economics, Ruhr University
M.A.,University of Maryland

Smith, Lenford, CPA
M.S., Software Engineering Admin, Central Michigan University
B.B.A., Accounting,HowardUniversity

Smith, Peter F.
Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, University ofPennsylvania
M.S., B.S., Rutgers University

Stern, Stephen M.
Associate Professor
M.B.A.,Wharton University of Pennsylvania
M.S. Engineering, B.E.S., New York University

Tegashaw, Makonnen
M.B.A., Business Admin, Howard University
B.S., Lincoln University

Tisone, Albert A., CPA
Associate Professor
M.B.A., George WashingtonUniversity
B.S., University of Maryland

Uwimana, Aloys
Associate Professor
M.A., African Studies, Ohio University
B.S., University of Science & Economics

Verghese, John
Associate Professor
D.B.A., Management, Argosy University
M.S.Health Services Admin., Central Michigan University

Yorkshire, Kathy
Assistant Professor
B.S., M.S,Administration Mgmt/Public Admin, Bowie State University


Ahari, Rasoul
Assistant Professor
Information Systems, Operations Research
M.S., George Washington University
M.S., George Mason University
B.S., University of Tehran

Ahmed Al-Fakhri
Assistant Professor
B.S., M.S., Southeastern University

Anvari, Morteza
Assistant Professor
M.S.E., B.S.E., University of Michigan

Besharatian, Hossein
D.Sc., George Washington University
M.S., University of California, Los Angeles

Bhide, Manohar
Ph.D., University of Bombay
M.Sc., Ramnarain Ruia College
B.Sc., Elphinstine College

Douglas, Rudolph
Associate Professor
Ph.D., M.S., Howard University

Eftekhari, Abe
Department Chair

Ph.D., University of Texas
M.Sc., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.S., B.S., University of Tehran/Iran

El-Ansary, Assem
Assistant Professor
M.A., TheAmericanUniversity
B.S., Cairo University

English, William
Associate Professor
Ph.D., M.S.,SyracuseUniversity
B.S., Purdue University

Ganjalizadeh, Saiid
Ph.D., George Mason University
M.S., University of Tennessee
B.S., University of Tehran-Iran
B.A., Edinboro University

Gyamfi, Oheneba Kwame
Assistant Professor
M.A., B.A., North Carolina State University

Izmirli, Ilhan
Assistant Professor
M.S., University ofIstanbul
B.S., BosphorousUniversity

Jiannan (Jim Lee) Li
Assistant Professor
M.S., Old Dominion University
B.S., Beijing Teachers College

Mansour, Elsayed A.
D.Sc., M.Sc., B.Sc., The George Washington University

Meeks, Ronald
Assistant Professor
M.S., Catholic University
B.A., Lincoln University

Moche, Iris
Dean, Faculty and Academic Affairs

Ph.D., M.S., Howard University
B.A., Hood College

Nguyen, Khoi
M.S., University of Maryland University College
B.S., University of Maryland Baltimore County

Qin, Jianchun
Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Illinois
M.Sc., China University of Science and Technology
B.Sc., Nanjing University

Soliman, Nagi
Ph.D., George Washington University
M.S., Ain Shams University
B.S., Military Technical College

Womack, Charles
M.S., Bowie State University
B.S., FortValley State College

Wu, Zhaohua
Ph.D., University of Washington
B.S., Nanjing University

Liberal Studies

Anderson, Raymont
Assistant Professor
M.F.A.,Virginia Commonwealth University

Bookhart, Portia
Assistant Professor
Ed.D., Virginia Polytechnic Inst. & Univ.
M.A., University of the District of Columbia

Bryant, Bertie
Associate Professor
MA, University of Pittsburgh
BA, Virginia Union University

Campbell, Wendell
Associate Professor
M.S.,Lindenwood University
B.S.,Tarkio College

Carroll-Seals, Tasha
Assistant Professor
M.Ed, B.A., Howard University

Charles, Leslie
Assistant Professor
M.S., University of the District of Columbia
B.A., C.U.N.Y., Queens College

Collie, Kelsey
Ph.D., Howard University
M.F.A., The George Washington University
B.A., Hampton University

Collins, Lynette
J.D., University of the District of ColumbiaSchool of Law
M.S., B.A., University of the District of Columbia

Elson, Beverly
Ph.D., University of Maryland
M.B.A, Southeastern University
M.A., B.A., The American University

Gebremariam, Kassu
Interim Chair

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., York University
M.A., Dalhouise University
B.A., Addis Abada University

Jackson-Argueta, Toni
Writing Center Coordinator
Assistant Professor
M.A., B.A., University of the District of Columbia

Jones, William
Ph.D., University of Minnesota
M.A., The Creighton University
B.S., Colby College

Kutz, James
Associate Professor
M.B.A., M.P.A., Southeastern University
M.Ed., Florida Atlantic University

Maconaughay, Kirk
Assistant Professor
M.S.,George Mason University
B.A., The American University

Miller, Laurence
Associate Professor
M.A., University of Hawaii
B.A., College of William and Mary

Montas, Rose
B.A., Fordham University
M.A., Columbia University

Price, Scheryl
M.Ed., George Mason University
B.S., University of Maryland

Chesseley Robinson
Assistant Professor
J.D., University of District of Columbia
B.A., North Carolina State University

Stanberry, John
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., The American University
M.S., B.S., Oklahoma State University

Sterling, Richard
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Howard University
M.A., Catholic University of America
B.A., The American University

Stewart, Jay
J.D., Howard University
M.A., Harvard University

Whitehead, David
Assistant Professor
M.A., Howard University
B.A., Southern University

Williams, Anntinette
Assistant Professor
M.S.W., Howard University
B.A., University ofConnecticut

Associate Professor
Ed.D., University of Miami
M.Ed., University of Virginia
B.S., Saint Paul’s College

Wilson, Leon
Assistant Professor
M.A., University of Maryland
B.A., National University

Wright, Joyce
Associate Professor
M.Ed., George Mason University
B.A., University of Virginia

Zam, Laura
Assistant Professor
M.F.A., Brown University
B.A., Brooklyn College, New York

Public Administration

Fox, Gwendolyn
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., The Union Institute
M.P.A., Georgia Southern University
B.A., Monmouth College

Frazier, Larry
Assistant Professor
M.P.A., Troy State University
M.S., The National Graduate School
B.A., University of Maryland

Garrett, Jaqueline
Assistant Professor
D.P.A., University of California
M.B.P.A., Southeastern University
B.B.A., Southeastern University

Grant, Raymond
D.P.A., M.P.A., University of Southern California
B.S., Washington University St. Louis

Johnson, Lynn
Assistant Professor
M.P.A., Troy State University
B.S., Southern Illinois University

Lawler, Milton
Assistant Professor
M.A., Webster University
B.S., University of Maryland University College

Associate Professor
Ed.D., NOVA Southeastern University
M.A., B.A., Howard University

Okoro, Ephraim
Interim Department Chair

Ph.D., Communication, Howard University
M.B.A., Marketing, M.P.A., Public Policy, M.B.A., Management, B.S., Southeastern University

Pulley, Navarro
Assistant Professor
J.D., University of the District of Columbia
B.A., Howard University

Tahira Rashid
Assistant Professor – FT
M.P.B., Wilberforce University
B.A., KeanUniversity

Robinson, Kellie
M.S., Southeastern University
B.S., Coppin State

Roundtree, Jacqueline
Ph.D., Howard University
J.D., M.A., New England School of Law
B.A., Howard University

Whitby, James
Assistant Professor
M.A., University of theDistrict of Columbia
B.S., Howard University

Wright, Kinnard
Assistant Professor
M.P.A., Atlanta University
B.A., Alabama State University

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