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Sun Customer Ready Scalable Storage Cluster

High Performance Storage

If you have a High Performance Computing (HPC) application, you need a fast-access data storage solution. Choose the one that's ready to run when it arrives at your data center, the Sun Customer Ready Scalable Storage Cluster. It's a perfect complement for the Sun Customer Ready HPC Cluster. Together with the Sun Visualization System, they give you a complete HPC environment for your most demanding applications.

At A Glance

  • Integrated into one system:
    • High performance Sun Fire servers
    • Revolutionary Sun Fire hybrid data servers
    • High speed/low-latency interconnects
    • Industry-leading parallel file system cluster software from Lustre
  • Delivers high performance, scalability, and immediate productivity

Key Applications

  • Manufacturing
  • Electronic design
  • Life sciences
  • Academic research
  • Weather forecasting

A Complete HPC Solution for Scalable Storage

  • Sun Fire servers for outstanding data density and scalability
  • Lustre scalable cluster file system for parallel data access to hundreds of nodes and petabytes of storage
  • High-speed interconnect using Voltaire Infiniband 24-port switches
  • Expandable design scales from 48 TB to multiple petabytes of raw capacity
  • Custom configuration and delivery by Sun Customer Ready Program



  • Sun Fire X4200, X4500 and X4600 servers
  • Voltaire ISR 9024 Infiniband switch – widely deployed in Sun's cluster and grid solutions
Complementary Products

Sun Customer Ready Scalable Storage Cluster is just one of a range of solutions to make deployment of a fully featured high performance cluster environment simpler and more powerful.

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