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Explorations are inquiry-based, interactive modules designed to give students the opportunity to do history: to conduct research, analyze primary sources, and draw their own conclusions.

Each Exploration will have a separate tab containing specific teacher materials.

Please Note: eXplorations are still under development and being tested. Some units are more complete than others. Eventually all will have a teacher resource section.

We have included the names of eXplorations that are not yet live so you can see what is planned.

If you are a teacher and would like to help in the development of these inquiry-based units, please let us know by using our Comments page.

Navigation: To return to this menu, click the word at the top of each page.

Unit 1: Colonization and Revolution

The World Before 1492

Indentured Servitude and Slavery

Columbus and the Columbian Exchange

The Puritans

Spanish Discovery of the New World

Pocahontas and Squanto
Who Wrote the Constitution?
Unit 2: Pre-Civil War and Civil War

The Duel: Aaron Burr & Alexander Hamilton
The Alamo

Indian Removal

Childhood in Bondage
Pre-Civil War History Through Music

Children and the Westward Movement

Children and the Civil War

John Brown: Hero or Terrorist?
Why Did the South Secede?
Unit 3: Turn of the 20th Century

Late 19th Century West: Images & Realities
Mexican American Songs of Resistence and Pride



Photography as History
World Fairs as History

Turn of the Century Music as History
Unit 4: Great Depression, World War II, and Post-War

Children and the Great Depression
Japanese American Internment

The Rise of the Teenager
Historical Places of the Civil Rights Movement

Atomic Culture

 Casablanca as Wartime Propaganda

Children and WWII
Timelines as Windows Into History

The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb
The Vietnam War as History



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