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Ultralog (Ultralog)

Program Manager:

The UltraLog program will demonstrate agile networks of robust intelligent agents that dynamically balance logistics tasks and system defenses to maximize logistics function while under attack. It builds on the baseline distributed logistics planning capabilities of the technology developed in the Advanced Logistics Program. UltraLog will develop and demonstrate advanced military grade measures for security, robustness, and scalability to enable the wide-scale application of large-scale agent technology to U.S. military logistics and command and control domains operating in high-tempo conventional and information warfare (IW) environments. Using the infrastructure developed by the Advanced Logistics Program, UltraLog will pursue research breakthroughs in four main areas:

  1. Security: Investigate information pedigree, white-noise generation, dynamic random routing, agent gateways, dynamic Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) management, recovery reconstruction protection, dynamic communications and security measures, information rovers, correlation and isolation of compromised agents and other techniques to achieve a secure, trusted system even under directed information warfare attack;
  2. Scalability: Investigate assured convergence, automatic dampeners, adaptive configuration, resource pooling/proxy, variable fidelity processes, sliding temporal horizons, reactive plan space management and other techniques to achieve a highly scalable and stable system even under very chaotic wartime environments;
  3. Robustness: Investigate non-local persistence, fault tolerance and recovery, distributed consistency checking, partial state validation, dynamic communications-aware redundancy, dynamic adaptation, and other techniques to achieve a state of high survivability; and
  4. Systems Integration and Development: Synergistically combine security, scalability and robustness techniques that will provide the highest level of capability while ensuring the overall functionality of the distributed logistics enterprise is preserved. Though many of the research efforts will be accomplished independently and in parallel, the real challenge will come in the integration synergy of the various techniques to produce the desired systemic effects.



  • Secure, Scalable, and Robust Network-Centric Logistics Infrastructure for the Modern War fighter
    • Enable precision logistics at high tempos
    • Survivability in the electronic battlefield
  • Reliable Control of the Logistics Pipeline
    • Absorb cyber attacks and massive infrastructure loss with controlled degradation and robust failover
    • Scale to multiple operations and global sizes
  • A Transformational Technology for JV 2020 Focused Logistics
    • Greater logistics confidence with reduced stockages and better overall flow management
    • Tailored logistics for the complete operational spectrum

Ultralog Logo

The grand challenge of the UltraLog project is to extend the Cougaar cognitive agent architecture using a layered, integrated approach with technologies in robustness, security, stability and scalability. The program will focus on research, development and demonstration of a prototype society of over 1,000 medium complexity agents operating under directed adversary kinetic and Information Warfare (IW) attack. UltraLog's goals are: operate with up to 45% information infrastructure loss in an environment that is 90% as chaotic as the most chaotic real world environment with not more than 20% capabilities degradation and not more than 30% performance degradation for a period representing 180 days of sustained military operations in a major theater contingency. By the final year of the project, UltraLog must demonstrate successful completion of the program goals.

Major Objectives:

  • Extend and enhance the Cougaar capabilities to achieve the UltraLog project goals for new robustness, scalability, stability and security capabilities in a highly chaotic operational environment.
  • Generate a set of software products and facilitate their use by the UltraLog community for software design, development, testing and integration.
  • Evolve an agent-based architecture and requisite supporting material to provide a leave-behind capability and enable technology transition to a broad operational community

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