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Hatewatch Weekly

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For the week of August 15, 2007

National Alliance Leader Sentenced to 87 Months in Prison
Salt Lake City Tribune
August 14, 2007
Shaun Walker, the national chairman of the National Alliance, was sentenced to prison for conspiring to violate federal civil rights laws along with another member of the neo-Nazi group.
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Aryan Brotherhood Expanding in New Mexico and Texas
Albuquerque Journal
August 12, 2007
Recent federal indictments show that the Aryan Brotherhood, a white supremacist prison-based gang, is increasingly active outside of prisons in New Mexico and Texas.
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Police Increase Patrols After Racist Vandalism
The Sentinel-Enterprise
August 9, 2007
White supremacist slogans and swastikas were spray-painted on the walls of a skate park in Fitchburg, Md.
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New Trial Begins In Racially Motivated Baseball Bat Attack
The Courier-Post
August 7, 2007
Self-avowed white supremacist Brian Neilson, 29, will be retried for attacking a black couple with a baseball bat inside their home while they slept.
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"Kerri A. Livesay, 34, was charged with simple assault and a bias crime after allegedly screaming curses and assaulting a teen wearing traditional Muslim garb at a store."

St. Cloud
"Phillip Joseph Massa, 33, was charged with obstructing the legal process and fourth- degree gross misdemeanor assault motivated by bias after he allegedly assaulted a man of Muslim descent."
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