Seimei Shrine

Located on Horikawa Avenue in Kyoto, Seimei Shrine enshrines the Heian-era yin-yang master Abe no Seimei, a contemporary of Murasaki Shikibu.

A priest conducts a ceremony at Seimei shrine.

Seimei has been the subject of a popular Japanese cartoon series and the recent hit movie, Onmyoji.

Stone torii and lions in front of Seimei-jinja shrine.

Although Abe no Seimei lived and practised Onmyodo where his shrine is now located in Kyoto, his birthplace was Abemonju-in Temple in Sakurai.

Seimei shrine courtyard.

Ichijo Modori-bashi bridge, which features prominently in the movie, was thought to be a gateway between the human and spirit worlds. It is situated a little south of Seimei Shrine, quite close to the original location of the Imperial Palace.

Ichijo Modori-bashi bridge near Seimei shrine.