I Love Lucy(R) “The Operetta(TM)” Barbie Doll

Collectible “I Love Lucy(R)” Barbie(R) Doll! A Tribute to the Beloved Television Classic in a Barbie(R) Celebrity Doll - “I Love Lucy(R)” has been charming television viewers since 1951. An all-time favorite episode, “The Operetta(TM),” has wacky Lucy Ricardo borrowing money from her woman’s club treasury. Then the group needs the money to stage an operetta! To save the $100 royalty fee, Lucy writes her own musical, “The Pleasant Peasant” - and the fun begins! Now, you can commemorate one of Lucy’s zaniest ideas with a collectible “I Love Lucy” Barbie(R) doll. Laugh until your sides split with this fantastic "I Love Lucy(R)” Barbie(R) doll from Mattel. This collectible Barbie(R) doll is outfitted in a brightly-colored skirt, peasant blouse and costume jewelry - and has a tambourine in her hand! Strong demand is expected for this exquisite collectible vinyl 2005 Barbie(R) Celebrity doll. Order now! *** Express Shipping Available ***

“I Love Lucy(R)” “The Operetta(TM)” Barbie Doll

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Posted by Tom Raymond, aka Raynbow on 09/07 at 09:50 PM
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