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The Pink Paper

Weekly free London newspaper. Founded 1987. Readership August 1996 over 50000, September 1998, 57000.

Cover of The Pink Paper, 24th. April, 1998, issue 529.

Its offices suffered an arson attack as reported on Sunday 8th. September, 1996 by BBC1 television in its Southeast News programme. No motive was known.

It had a major re-styling with issue 549 on 11th. September, 1998, calling itself a 'news magazine'. It was considerably dumbed down with less news, less discussion, less journalism, and became less of a newspaper.

Editorial tel: 0171 296 6210, fax: 0171 957 0046, Email:
24-hour commentline: tel: 0800 839 113.

The Pink Paper,
Cedar House,
72 Holloway Road,
London, N7 8NZ

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