Updated July.20,2007 10:30 KST

Two in Three GOM Player Users Watch Porn
Some 70 percent of GOM Player users have watched pornographic videos on Korea's most popular video player.

According to a survey by Metrix released Wednesday, GOM Player users' preferred genre was porn, which was played by 69.8 percent in the week from July 2 to July 8. Some 43.2 percent watched movies, while dramas were enjoyed by 29.6 percent. Some 21.8 percent watched entertainment or variety programs, followed by cartoons with 11.1 percent and music files with 7 percent. In the drama section, Korean dramas ranked first with 63.4 percent of audience share, followed by Japanese dramas with 26.8 percent and U.S. series with 9.4 percent.

Many users watched recent movies also showing in the cinemas, which indicates illegal downloading of movies is rampant. During the survey period, the average use period per user was 2.8 days, and average use time per user 136.8 minutes. The survey covered both videos downloaded by GOM Player users and the VOD offered by the company. The number of GOM Player users in the first week of July was 8.4 million and its share of use time was 65 percent. The site has the upper hand in terms of users and time measured against the second-ranked MS Windows Media Player with 5.4 million users.

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