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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Theatrical Release Date: 06/15/2007

Rating: PG  for  Adult Situations ,  Language ,  Violence

Genre: Action
Science fiction

Running Time: 92 minutes

Country: United States

Language: English

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Avg. User Rating:3 Stars



Movie Summary

Reed, Susan, Johnny and Ben face an intergalactic messenger who has arrived to prepare Earth for destruction. Based on the comic book characters by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Critic Reviews

3 Stars

Villian rises above choppy subplots

Trey June

Austin American-Statesman

"Despite the Fantastic Four's top billing, this turns out to be the Silver Surfer's movie, and he redeems it from the mediocrity courted with some of the shortchanged subplots."  


Heroes that it's OK for kids to like

Bob Longino

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Fanboys, beware: This one's mainly for younger kids."  


Riding a mutant wave

Hap Erstein

Palm Beach Post

"Another episode with the mutant do-gooder foursome, aimed strictly at youngsters and comic-book geeks."  

User Reviews

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9 User Review(s)

Average User Rating:3 Stars


4 Stars


"The Surfer is cool. One of my comic book heroes. "

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Funny and family Friendly

4 Stars


"Well done over the first movie. Keeps you laughing. Entertaining. Well done special effects. Good guys vs. bad guys. Is there a break-up of the nation's beloved "4?" "

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Better than the 1st one

4 Stars


"I thought the first Fantastic Four movie was boring and couldn't wait for it to be over. So it took a double traffic jam for me to pay to see this one. I was surprised. It wasn't bad - really. The comedy was actually funny and the chemistry between the characters was better. The Silver Surfer saved it, of course, (you kind of wish it was more about him) but all in all - good summer movie. Still waiting on Transformers though..."

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2 Stars


"Just like the first movie, this one was written just as bad. The first 30 minutes was a sleep fest, occasionally interrupted by some comic relief. The writing was awful, No chemistry at all between the actors. Even the kids in the audience were yawing, the special effects were good, thank god for silver surfer, he didn�t have many lines which helped. Save your money and wait for the DVD."

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Fantastic Four

4 Stars


"Great summer movie. Don't listen to so called expert critics! Go see for yourself. Sillver Surfur is awesome."

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