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NYU unveils 25-year plan

Aims to revamp NYU for bicentennial

Sarah Portlock

Issue date: 4/24/07 Section: News
NYU is planning a series of eight long-term initiatives and goals to enhance the university's growth, expansion and role "in and of the city" over the next 25 years - or by 2031, the university's bicentennial.

These planning principles, as they are called, address overarching concerns on campus and at the university's international sites, including space, community engagement and environmental sustainability.

After the final round of interviews with international architecture and urban planning firms that submitted proposals for the project - known as NYU 200 - the university will begin moving forward with design proposals next week. The university created a new Office of Strategic Assessment, Planning and Design last fall solely for NYU 200, headed by Lori Pavese Mazor, the associate vice president for planning and design.

"We are absolutely thrilled to be at this milestone in the life of the university." Mazor said in an e-mail. "It is not every day that an institution takes this kind of significant look at itself and its future. We are at a place where the groundwork can be laid for future generations."

The Request for Qualifications - the document that outlines goals and intentions for applicants to the program - outlines the specific ideas on which the university wishes to focus, including:

* An evaluation of the buildings on the main campus, the Medical Center and study abroad sites intended to improve efficiency and redesign buildings to create a vibrant, mixed-use environment. The primary focus is improving academic space, though administrative space and housing for students and faculty will also be taken into consideration.

* A more transparent process: The community will be actively engaged in planning and design ideas, and the university will strive to respect the current character of the neighborhood.

* Environmentally friendly designs as new buildings are conceived and constructed, while maintaining a sense of the neighborhood's historical buildings.
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posted 4/24/07 @ 11:51 AM EST

Maybe they should do something about the non-stop bus noise and exhaust from the bus routes on Broadway. Seems like if they are interested in community relations and the environment it would be a good place to start out. (Continued…)

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