LEWIS, Elizabeth 30 Married Ills.   November, Unknown
CARUTHERS, James 38 Married Ky. Farmer November, Palsy
HOLDRIGE, Thomas 77 Married N. Y. Farmer December, Lung Disease
WETHERBEE, Gideon 50 Married N. Y. Farmer June, Cholera
BUTLER, Sarah 16   Ills.   August, Consumption
HART, Mary 5   Ills.   August, Whooping Cough
HART, Martha 1   Ills.   August, Whooping Cough
HOLMES, Edgar 1   Ills.   January, Lung Fever
WARD, Norman 32   N. Y. Farmer January, Fits
FILEY, Elisha 56 Married Ct. Cooper March, Unknown
FARMER, John 3/12   Ills.   March, Brain Disease
HARVEY, Lucy 20   Ills.   September, Consumption
CHALLEN, Thomas 27   Ky. Farmer March, Accident
BOYCE (Boyer?), Cassandra 22 Widow Miss.   July, Cholera
BOYCE (Boyer?), Peter 29 Married N. Y. Physician July, Cholera
BOYCE (Boyer?), William 19   N. Y. Physician July, Cholera
HUEY, Betsy 17   Miss.   July, Cholera
HUEY, Livingston 16   Miss. Farmer July, Cholera
RICE, William 2   Ills.   March, Unknown
BOYER, William 47 Married Ky. Farmer September, Congestive Chills
CLAMPIT, Sarah 1   Ills.   September, Water on Brain
REED, George 33 Married Ky. Farmer May, Eresipalis
ART, Annelda 30 Married Ky.   August, Consumption
RATLIFFE, Joseph 27 Married Unknown Farmer December, Consumption
GILLMAN, Martha 4   Ills.   July, Cholera
OGLE, Margaret 18 Married Ills.   October, Typhoid Fever
ARIGEL (Angel ?), James 4/12   Ills.   December, Unknown
ARIGEL (Angel?), Matilda 8/12   Ills.   September, Teething
BLANFORD, Leo 40 Married Ky. Blacksmith February, Liver Complaint
BEATTY, John 1   Iowa   October, Unknown
GRAHAM, William 1/12   Ills.   September, Eresipalis
HAMPTON, Jackson 35 Married O. Farmer January, Winter Fever
THOMPSON, Alfred 7   Ills.   January, Congestive Chill
THOMPSON, Amenia 5   Ills.   January, Congestive Chill
RULAND, Silence (f) 44 Married N. J.   Breat? Complaint
THOMPSON, Mary 1/12   Ills.   March, Unknown
JONES, Rachel 70   Ky.   January, Old Age
FOLKE, Catharine 30 Married Germany   March, Fever
FOLKE, Catharine 7   Ills.   March, Fever
REMER, Louisa 1   Ills.   September, Unknown
WALDO, Hannah 1   Ill.   February, Lung Fever
YORK, Louis 6   Ill.   September, Small Pox
YORK, Christina 3/12   Ill.   January, Lung Fever
ADKIN, Volentine 21   O. Farmer January, Small Pox
GROFF, Louis 35   Germany Laborer January, Delerium Tremens
CRISSMAN, Martha 16   Ills.   March, Fits
HINCKLEY, Lorinda 18   Ills.   January, Fever
WETHERS, Gilbert 5   Ills.   February, Whooping Cough
HATFIELD, Elizabeth 23   O.   May, Whooping Cough
BREMER, Margaret 48 Married Germany   December, Dropsy
GARDENHIRE, Adaline 6   Ills.   February, Accident
GARDENHIRE, Jane 8   Ills.   February, Accident
BRIDGEMAN, James 1   Ills.   August, Summer Complaint
WALKER, Emily 3   Ills.   March, Whooping Cough
COWDEN, Martha 2   Ills.   October, Croup

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