Nutritional Therapy with
Barbara Nash

Health, Life and Performance Coaching

Corporate Nutrition

A natural and holistic approach to healthy living
and successful life outcomes

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Nutritional Therapist (D.N.N.), Life and Performance Coach D.L.C., D.P.C. Barbara Nash offers a complete holistic service, including:

Nutritional Therapy

Helping to heal your health conditions

Personal one-to-one consultations: find out your food intolerances, learn how foods affect health and why you have reached your current state of health, a nutritional programme is devised to help alleviate your symptoms Nutritional therapy with me has helped my clients to overcome their health conditions, ranging from: depression, food intolerance symptoms, I.B.S., insomnia, headaches/migraines, M.E.,  infertility, weight problems and many others. I also offer Internet and telephone consultations for people who live far away.


Corporate Nutrition & workshops

Workshops, healthy canteen advise and one to one consultations: I offer empowering workshops to small and large businesses: the origin of illness, why illness is connected to the food we eat, harmful foods and healing foods, food intolerances, the importance of hydration, preventing illnesses nutritionally, why we should not put all the blame for stress and illness on work, taking responsibility for our health, reducing work place stress through eating the right diet, how can companies help their staff. Personal one-to-one Nutritional Health Coaching consultations are available for management and employees.


Life Coaching

One-to-one consultations: helping you to regain positive life balance: working on aspects of your life that you feel dissatisfied with or need help with, making choices that fit with your values, building confidence, moving your life forward, NLP techniques to change negative or fearful beliefs into positive beliefs. Helping with: confidence, relationships, health, work, exercise, fun, magnetism, getting married weight, goal setting etc.

Performance Coaching

One-to-one consultations: Discovering what is holding you back, removing fears and negative beliefs, introducing NLP techniques, which change a negative/fearful state of being into a positive/more confident being. Living by your values for greater happiness, awareness of your strengths, having more faith and belief in your capabilities by realizing how skilled, unique and capable you are, reality checks, goal setting, action planning, development of skills, the importance of life balance.

Coaching Workshops to businesses

Reaching your full potential: self awareness exercises (your strengths and weaknesses, values, wheel of life – which aspects of your life need working on), NLP techniques to help positively change your life, the importance of goal setting, action planning, taking action, imagining your desired outcomes.