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admin authorization needed for forum registration by TigerP on Sun May 20th @ 22:10 (link)
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Because of the mass spam messages that were posted on the forum, I have changed the authorization requirement to admin. This means that the admin has to approve the registration before you can post to the forum.
It might take some time before the admin will approve.
CenterICQ is forked to centerim by TigerP on Fri March 16th @ 21:05 (link)
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Some people have taken the centericq source and created a fork of the centericq project. They have named the project centerim.
They have even published a roadmap about what they want to have in which new release of centerim.
Merge History script by TigerP on Tue February 6th @ 22:09 (link)
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Jayjay wrote this to the mailinglist:
This script might be handy if you'd like to merge a MSN (CICQ) history file and an ICQ history file. Especially if people migrate from one protocol to the other and you forgot to symlink the history files.
I often had people in my contact list who stopped using ICQ and started using MSN or used them in parallel. This script looks at the timestamp from each message and stitches the files together nicely.
Happy 2007 by TigerP on Mon January 1st @ 05:32 (link)
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The team wishes everybody a happy 2007.
Online readme fixed by TigerP on Sun November 26th @ 13:21 (link)
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The readme that is available with every release is now also readable online again. I've fixed a programming error in the script that displayed the readme.
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