Historic Plaques

Mayor George A. Spadoro was joined by the Municipal Council, Pastor Kathleen Cardy Tice, and representatives from Edison's Historic Preservation Commission and the Metuchen-Edison Cultural Society to dedicate a bronze marker in front of the Stelton Baptist Church. The Church is the first site in Edison to be given a historic designation by the Commission. It will be identified with a large bronze tablet near Plainfield Avenue.

"This marker is the first in a series of bronze tablets that will be installed throughout Edison, as the Commission designates historic sites," the Mayor stated. "These tablets will inform residents about the historical significance of these sites and also lets them know that the site will be preserved for future generations."

The Stelton Baptist Church is the second oldest Baptist Church in New Jersey and the 10th oldest in the nation. Stelton Baptist Church was formed in the spring of 1689, and among its original members was the Stelle family, after whom the Stelton section of Edison is named. Through 1875, however, the church was known as the First Baptist Church of Piscataway. Present-day congregants celebrated the tercentennial of their church in a year-long celebration in 1989.

The land now occupied by the church and burial ground at Stelton was purchased in April, 1731, and a house of worship erected there in 1748. This building was taken down and rebuilt in 1825, but was destroyed by fire Jan 1, 1851. The building which took its place, also burned in 1924, and the present church was erected in 1925.

In 1870 the incorporation of parts of Piscataway and Woodbridge Townships to form Raritan Township, placed the church in the latter municipality, which became Edison.

[uncovered plaque]