North Hollywood Shootout

This case is also known as Matasareanu v. Gates, et al. It was tried in February and March, 2000 in United States District Court. Bradley Gage represented Police Officer John Futrell. His photograph in the Los Angeles Times won the Pulitzer Prize. The case revolved around the February, 1997 Bank of America Robbery in North Hollywood California where 17 police officers and citizens were shot and injured. Two alleged robbers died. One of the suspects family members sued claiming the LAPD allowed him to bleed to death.

The attorney for the alleged bank robber's family agreed to dismiss the action with a waiver of malicious prosecution. This means the lawsuit is over. The City of Los Angeles paid $50,000 for John Futrell and our firm in handling this matter.
There is a pending book and movie on this case. Please watch this site for developments in the future. Silver Creek Entertainment is assisting with the book and movie deals.

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This matter settled, even though John Futrell was a defendant, he received $50,000 through payments by the City, and thousands of dollars more thanks to your generous contributions. The John Futrell Legal Defense Fund thanks all of its supporters. We couldn't have won this case without your help!

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