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Budget 2007

Federal Treasurer Peter Costello has delivered an election year Budget of tax cuts and heavy investment in education, which he says is designed to lock in the country's economic future. Mr Costello says his 12th Budget is not focused on vote-buying, but on building on the progress of previous years. How does the Budget affect you? Have your say.

Water worries

Australia is second only to Antarctica as the world's driest continent, yet its citizens have long taken water supplies for granted. However, as climate change dramatically alters weather patterns and Australia's population continues to grow, the security of Australia's water future is under a cloud. Around the nation, governments, businesses and private citizens are working to develop new sources of water and conserve those already tapped. They are trying to manage the competing demands of environmental health, agriculture, industry and urban water users. Are you trying to reduce water use? Would you drink recycled water? Do your local authorities have a plan to secure water supplies? Are you concerned about the health of Australia's rivers? Have your say.

Archive: March 2007

NSW Votes 2007

Campaigning is officially under way in the New South Wales election. However both major parties have already launched their election campaigns. Early polls indicated the Government would easily be returned to office. The Coalition needs to win nine seats to deprive the Government of its majority, but with independents playing a crucial role in NSW, the Coalition needs to win a total of 16 seats, a swing of 12.3 per cent, to govern in its own right. What issues will affect your voting? How has the Government performed? Can the Coaltion get the swing it needs? Read the posts.

Archive: November 2006

Victoria Votes 2006

Campaigning in the Victorian election campaign is officially under way. The Labor Government is hoping to secure a third term in office. Opinion polls indicate that Premier Steve Bracks will be successful. The Liberals head into the poll with new leader Ted Baillieu who took over from Robert Doyle in May. Who do you think will win the November 25 election? What are the main issues? Read the posts.

Archive: August 2006

Queensland 2006

Queensland Premier Peter Beattie has chosen to send voters to the polls early rather than hold a by-election in the seat of Bundaberg. He says the decision is good for Queensland because it will give certainty on water and health - two issues he says are key to the campaign. Liberals leader Bruce Flegg and Nationals leader Lawrence Springborg say the Government is "running away from its record" in those areas. Are water and health key issues for you? How do you rate the performance of the Beattie Government? Is it time for a change? Read the posts.

Archive: March 2006

ABC News redesign

The ABC News Online team is working on a new design, new features and new services. This is your chance to be involved in the process and help us make ABC News and ABC Sport Online better for you. On this thread, we'd like to hear about your general experiences of the site, both positive and negative. Tell us would make you visit more often and the kinds of things you wouldn't like to see. Read the posts.

Cyclone Larry

Cyclone Larry has battered communities throughout North Queensland. As well as bringing down houses and destroying property, the tropical cyclone has destroyed the sugar and banana industries in the region. Read the posts.

Tasmania Votes 2006

As Tasmania goes to the polls on March 18, Labor's Paul Lennon faces his first electoral test as Premier. As the leaders hit the hustings, Mr Lennon's battleground will be the economy and financial management, Liberal leader Rene Hidding will focus on what he calls Government deals for mates at the expense of health and other services, while Greens leader Peg Putt says she will campaign on a clean, green, clever and compassionate state. What issues do you think will decide the outcome of the election? Can Mr Lennon lead Labor to victory in 2006 or will the Liberal party be seen as a viable alternative government? Do you think the rise in the Green vote will continue? Read the posts.

South Australia Votes 2006

With South Australia to go to the polls on March 18, the campaign is well under way. South Australian Premier Mike Rann says leadership, the economy and Labor's vision for the future are the key platforms on which he will fight the election. Mr Rann is keen to play down any talk of a landslide, saying just 600 votes is enough to oust the Government. Opposition Leader Rob Kerin agrees the election is going to be tight, and says the campaign will be about the economy, and how the government has squandered good economic times. What are the issues that will sway your vote at next month's election? What issues do you think will decide the outcome of the election? Do you think the result will be as close as the last election? Read the posts.

Archive: January 2006

Hot topic

Government and industry officials from six countries are meeting in Sydney today and tomorrow to talk about the best way to tackle global warming. Four of the six participants - Japan, China, India and South Korea - have signed the Kyoto Protocol, which legally binds countries to cutting greenhouse gas emissions. But the two who have not signed - the United States and Australia - are, respectively, the world's biggest polluter and the world's biggest polluter on a per-capita basis, according to the UN. The focus of this summit will be on finding ways of solving the problem of climate change without slowing economies or changing lifestyles. However, environmentalists say the approach by the US and Australiafails to offer incentives to developing countries to cut greenhouse emissions. What outcomes can we expect to see from the summit to address climate change, and will it be enough to make a difference? Does this summit undermine the Kyoto protocol as some critics have suggested? Are industry plans for slashing greenhouse emissions enough or are government imposed targets required? (January 11, 2006) Read the posts.

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