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Ministry of Justice

mr. N. Albayrak

Nebahat Albayrak was born in Sivas(Turkey) on 10 April 1968.

She studied law at the University of Leiden, graduating in international and European law in 1993. As part of her degree she also attended lectures at the Universityof Ankara, the Institut d’Études Françaises, Ankaraand the Institut d’Études Politiques, Paris. 

Ms Albayrak worked at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, where she was European and international affairs policy officer in the Secretary-General’s Office from 1993 to 1995 and policy officer in the Minorities Integration Policy (Coordination) Department (from 1995 to 1998).

Ms Albayrak became a member of the House of Representatives of the States General for the Labour Party (PvdA) in 1998.

She has also served as vice-president  of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OCSE) and has been a board member of the Netherlands Atlantic Association and a member of the Benelux University Centre Committee (chair in armed forces and society) and the supervisory board of the Ruwaard van Putten Hospitalin Spijkenisse.

On 22 February 2007 Ms Albayrak was appointed State Secretary for Justice in the fourth Balkenende government.

22 February 2007

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State Secretary Albayrak
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