Phone: 701-252-6466

The Jamestown Municipal Airport is operated by the Jamestown Airport Authority. The board members are  Chairman Michael Kadrmas, Walt Sanders, Johnny Klingenberg, Dennis Nelson, Art Todd, and George Teller. The Airport manager is Jennifer Eckman.

Jamestown is served by Northwest Airlines and features two round-trip flights to Minneapolis daily, Monday thru Friday, with one round-trip flight on Saturday and one on Sunday, connecting anywhere in the world! The local phone number for Northwest Airlines is 701-252-3414.

The airport is equipped with pilot control lighting, and fuel is available 24 hours a day. Taxi and rental car service is also available.

Property for the Jamestown Airport was purchased by the City of Jamestown and the Airport was built by the federal government as a military installation in 1942 with over 600 airmen being trained at Jamestown College and the Airport in 1944.

Shortly after WWII, ownership of the airfield was transferred to the City of Jamestown. From that time until 1968, the airport was administered by the city. In 1968, an airport authority was formed, which now oversees airport operations.

Fixed base operators have served as part-time managers when the airport first came under city jurisdiction, however, in more recent years, a full-time airport manager has been employed by the airport authority. Early airport hangers were located on 13th St. N.E. (Old Highway 10). The present terminal building, which provides passenger services and housed the Jamestown Flight Service Station (now located at Grand Forks), was dedicated in 1961. The terminal building was rehabilitated and remodeled in 1989. Efforts were made in 1954 to have a Jet Interceptor Squadron at Jamestown. An offer to lease the airport to the USAF for one dollar a year was not accepted.

Northwest Orient Airlines began scheduled air carrier service to the Jamestown Airport in 1954. Since that time, service has continued with varying schedules. Shortly after deregulation in 1978, Jamestown lost jet service and has been served by several commuter airlines. Currently, Great lakes Aviation serves Jamestown as United Express.

In addition to its role as a commercial service airport, Jamestown Municipal Airport supports a variety of general aviation activities. It has become increasingly important to the business community, both for those companies owning their own aircraft and to those chartering aircraft for business trips. Flying lessons, charter flights, aircraft sales and rentals, aircraft repairs and fuel can be obtained from on-airport businesses. The Army National Guard uses the airport for occasional helicopter operations.

Over the years, certain areas of the airport have been designed as an industrial park. To date, numerous businesses and industries have located in these areas. The airport also supports about 1200 acres of farmland and hay land.

The airport is supported by the Federal Aviation Administration, tax dollars from the City and County, the North Dakota State Aeronautics Commission, farming, haying, industrial park leases, airport facilities leasing and airline and transport fees.