The notion that humanity is nearing an end to its long held social, political and economic hierarchies is no longer a fear-instilled speculation in this troubled and stormy age. It is now becoming increasingly clear that the cries of war have deafened our calls for peace - and that the suffering has taken its toll
on the souls of this once noble civilization.

How do we begin the long journey back to the remembrance that we've all come from one source? How do we begin our journey back to peace through unity?

Within the myriad of communications and education systems, divided and scattered upon the face of world cultures, one small beleaguered industry remains faithful to the message of hope and salvation. An industry and an art form that have fermented the greatest creative minds and the strongest
and brightest hope for saving a dying world.

Comic book writers, artists, editors and publishers will soon emerge as
the real superheroes on the sociopolitical stage of world events.

To this end, we the comic book creators - and you, the precious citizens of the world - must join hands together on this journey in order to teach and thus remember what it takes to nourish the budding rose of hope from beneath the mudslides of futility which humanity has sunken into.

This is Michael Netzer's THE NEW COMIC BOOK OF LIFE , striding toward a glorious reunion of our civilization's peoples and faiths under the One Creator of the heavens and the earth. Commencing with the unification of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam along with all other spiritual and moral belief systems, and culminating in the sojourn of mankind into the outer reaches of space - the planting of the
seed of humanity into the new garden, awaiting us on the not so distant
Titan, the curiously Earthlike satellite of the ringed planet Saturn.

THE OFFERING brings more than 50 pages of previously unpublished
story and art by Michael Netzer, spanning more that a quarter of a century sojourn into the timeless recurrences of our grandest history.

WHO, WHAT, HOW, WHY, WHERE and WHEN shed a greater light
on the path
of our journey.

THE CITY SQUARE takes us to our sister website
where our voice is heard on the live stage of events
which are driving the comic book industry
and shaping the new world ahead.

Join us for the ride of the ages
and saddle up with a good creative spirit,
one and all.


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