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Backpacker Travel Insurance

Cheap Travel Insurance has chosen World Nomads to offer some of the best travel insurance for the independent traveller or backpacker to be found anywhere. You can buy, extend and claim online, you will be insured for many adventurous activities from Scuba Diving to Sky Diving (this will vary based on you country of residence you can check exactly here)

Why choose travel insurance from World Nomads

1. 24 hour 7 days a week assistance - get help when you need it. More Information
2. Online purchase, extension and claims - More Information
3. Extensive list of countries covered - More Information
4. Cheap Travel Insurance - what we're all looking for at the end of the day is good quality cheap insurance. More information

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Travel Insurance General Rules

Travel Insurance is designed to cover you for unexpected emergencies that occur in the course of an adventurous holiday. Travel Insurance generally doesn't cover you for certain things:

1. Medical conditions that exist before you travel
Cost incurred due to the condition are not covered, you can still take out travel insurance for other purposes (robbery, sports, injury, etc)

2. Deliberately putting your life in danger
Travel Insurance will not cover you if you put yourself in extreme situations where survival or injury is highly likely. Chasing polar bears while drunk will not be covered.

3. Claims involving alcohol or drugs
Insurance companies use this as often as possible in order to not pay a claim, from their point of view - when drunk you take extra risks, your not in control - kept to sensible levels and look after your valuables before a night out.

4. HIV or STD's
Not covered - so safe sex is doubly important.

5. Illegal Activities
If you're involved in an activity that is illegal in the insurance company will not cover you.

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Remember - all corporations exist for one purpose - to make money - if they can get away with out paying they will - so read your policy carefully, behave sensibly and carefully, indulge in adventurous activities in a responsible way - always check your policy for more information.

World Nomads travel insurance is underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited (ABN52097227177. AFS Licence No.245631).