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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland desperately needs its citizens' participation in this venture to save its independence! The Convention on the Future of Europe created the proposed EU-Constitution. This convention was part of an attempt to create a European Superstate. CREC's Referendum Campaign's "Postcards to the Queen"  had the single purpose to petition Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second to WITHHOLD Her ROYAL ASSENT to any Bill to place the United Kingdom under a Europe-wide constitution, until WE THE BRITISH PEOPLE have voted on it in a referendum. CREC and others were successful in forcing Blair's hand on the issue.


Can you please help a vital petition on the Prime Minister's website reach No. 1 position as soon as possible? It will take you just 2-3 minutes to sign it.

The petition, begun by R J Mansfield in January, simply calls for a referendum on the proposed European Constitution, now simply called a Euro Treaty despite it containing nearly all the same provisions as the abandoned European Constitution.

Views on this Treaty vary from those who see it as a further serious loss of Britain's independence to those which welcome it as making the E.U. more efficient.

But what is not in doubt is that in all recent opinion polls on the subject, 80% to 93% of British peoole believe we should have a referendum on the Treaty - one that was promised to us by all three main political parties in the 2005 General Election.

The British way of doing things is for each side to make its case and then a decision made after hearing the arguments. There has been no referendum on the European issue for 32 years. Many consider that one is long overdue.

This petition is not connected with any political party and many organisations are now promoting it.

To support this petitoon, which now has over 16,000 signatures, simply click on:


You need to give your name, which will be shown for a short period on the website, and your address, which will not be shown.

This petition - if numbers signing it begin to swell - is by far the best chance of persuading a reluctant governrment to concede a referendum which the vast majority of us want.

Please support it - and pass this message on to as many of your friends and contacts as you possibly can.

Don't take CREC's word for it - take this man's word for it!

"Our constitution cannot be reduced to a mere treaty for co-operation between governments. Anyone who has not yet grasped this fact deserves to wear the dunces cap.. Our continent has seen successive attempts at unifying it: Caesar, Charlemange and Napoleon, among others. We, for our part, seek to unify it by the pen. Will the pen succeed where the sword has finally failed ?"

From M. Président, Valery Giscard d'Estaing's acceptance speech upon receiving the Charlemange Prize for European integration, 29th May, 2003.

It is traditionally said that a diplomat goes abroad to lie for his country. This man when at home, lies for Europe. A recording of Foreign Secretary Straw on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme on Wednesday, 9th February, 2005. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO MP3 FILE


Another glaring example of blatant misrepresentation by a Europhile!

A recording of a discussion between David Bowe member of the European Parliament and Peter Rogers CREC's Webmaster from a BBC Radio Leeds phone in on Wednesday 26th January, 2005; CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO MP3 FILE

Is the sun setting on this nation's independence ?

For what tomorrow did he give his today ?

A common foreign and security policy ?

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