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Deep Water Range - The deep water Weapons Range lies roughly parallel to the east coast of Andros Island. It is the largest and most versatile of the AUTEC ranges, and it is capable of tracking up to 63 in-water objects simultaneously. The range is supported by the Main Base (Site 1) and various smaller sites located to the south along the east coast of Andros Island. AN/WQC-2A Sonar Communications Sets and Bi-Directional Communications Nodes provide underwater voice communications for mobile target and emergency command signal coverage, while HF, UHF, and VHF radio communications are available over the entire range.
Picture of Navy Aircraft.
In-Air Tracking - In-air tracking is provided by radars and various other in-air tracking systems such as LATR, the Hyperbolic In-Air Tracking System (HITS), and DGPS. These in-air systems cover the AUTEC Weapons Range up to a distance of 500 nautical miles (926 kilometers) from Site 1 and a height of 70,000 feet (21,000 kilometers). Surveillance radars operate to support air and surface safety.

Picture of USS Nicholson on range. In-Water Tracking - The in-water portion of the Weapons Range covers 500 square nautical miles. This range can be divided into two distinct tracking areas consisting of roughly 250 square nautical miles. This flexibility allows for the unique operation of two distinct individual exercises. Use of the total range is referred to as "Weapons Range", while dividing the range into two distinct portions, the northern section is referred to as "Weapons Range North", whereas the southern portion is called "Weapons Range South".

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