Historic Papers

from the

Past of the Church and LCMS

The Basics

Aug. 23, 2007 1964 Private Letter of H. Sasse to Leaders of the LCMS

July 7, 2007 Luther on the One True God

July 7, 2007  Pieper's Dedication Sermon at Walther Mausoleum

July 7, 2007 Boundaries of Truth and Error - a short quote from Herman Sasse

 Dec. 21, 2005 Ordination Rite (LC-MS 1856 Agenda)

 Nov. 10, 2005 1951 Letter from Herman Sasse to the LCMS

 July 23, 2005 "Confessional Subsciption" by Dr. Robert Preus  (written in 1970 for Congress on Lutheran Confessions)

 Jan 29, 2005 "Orthodox and Heterodox Churches" Christian Dogmatics by Pieper Vol III, page 422-423

 Jan 6, 2005 "Our Position in Doctrine and Practice" by Franz Pieper

 Dec. 7, 2004 Walther on Pastors Need To Supervise All Teaching in the Congregation

 Nov. 18, 2004 Walther on Unity in the Church

C.F.W. Walther on Stewardship

Concerning the Name Lutheran by C.F.W. Walther

Walther - A Reformation Sermon from 1878

Walther - A Reformation Sermon from 1867

Walther - A Reformation Sermon from 1844

Walther's Sermon on the Importance of Keeping Pure Doctrine

"Luther's Advice On How To Start Your Own Church"

Walther on Close(d) Communion ("Church Fellowship")

The Blessed Sacrament of the Holy and True Body of Christ, and the Brotherhoods by Martin Luther, 1519

A Sermon on the Ban by Martin Luther, 1520

That a Christian Assembly or Congregation has the Right and Power to Judge All Teaching and to Call, Appoint and Dismiss Teachers, Established and Proven by Scripture. Martin Luther, 1523 see also Today's Version

Brief Statement of the Doctrinal Position of the Missouri Synod of the Holy Scriptures - 1932

Walther's Reformation Sermon from 1854 entitled:
"The Resurgence of the Pure Doctrine of the Church, One of the Most Precious Fruits of the Reformation."

The Public Office of Preaching (Pieper/Mueller) Excerpt from Christian Dogmatics (German included) translated by Kenneth Howes

A Still Relevant Letter from Sasse to LCMS Leadership

Exerpt From "Power and Primacy of the Pope" - About LCMS Today

"The Intolerance of the Gospel" by Theodore Graebner (1932)

"Civic Services" by Theodore Graebner (1932)

"Will Strictness Kill our Church" by Theodore Graebner (1932)

"The Lodge and Christianity" by Theodore Graebner (1932)

Luther's Second Letter to M. Wolferinus
translation by Pastor Albert Collver, III

How the Missouri Synod Grew (Excerpt) by Dr. C. F. W. Walther
sent by George Putnam

Inclusive Lutheranism by Dr. Hermann Sasse
sent by Rev. Paul McCain

How Doctor Walther Dealt with Doctrinal Aberrations in 1850 sent by Paul E. D. Darsow

Letter of Dr. Walther sent by Rev. Paul McCain


The Altenburg Theses - C. F. W. Walther

"Our First Synodical Constitution"

Private letter to LCMS Officials by Hermann Sasse, June 24, 1964
Sent by Dr. P. McCain

CTCR Paper for our Time? "Civil Obedience and Disobedience"

"Faithful To Our Calling Faithful To Our Lord" by the Pre-Seminex Faculty

"The Sheep Judge Their Shepherds" by C. F. W. Walther

Dr. Walther on Ceremony and Liturgy sent by Rev. Paul McCain

"The Motives and Qualifications of A Genuine Church-Member" by C. F. W. Walther

Dr. Walther's First Presidential Address to the Synod's Convention in 1848, tranlation by John Pohanka,

"Church Growth Techniques Nothing New" by G. H. Gerberding, 1902 .

"Jesus, When a Storm Was Raging" a hymn by Dr. C. F. W. Walther.

"Athanasian Creed" with introduction by Rev. Walt Snyder

Dr. Walther's First Presidential Address to the Synod's Convention in 1848, translation by Paul F. Koehneke.

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