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GoKnow’s® Handheld Learning Environment for Pocket PC®, or HLE, is based on over 10 years of classroom research at the University of Michigan. The Handheld Learning Environment is designed to support inquiry-based use of handheld computers in K-12 classrooms. HLE works well with existing lessons and curriculum, and simplifies the management and assessment of student materials.

To try the HLE Tools for Pocket PC before purchasing, you can download a 45-day trial.
Please read our license agreement.

HLE Tools for Pocket PC Download
For Windows Mobile 5.0
(HLE Project, PiCoMap, Sketchy)
For Windows Mobile 2003 and earlier
(HLE Project, PiCoMap, Sketchy)

Components of GoKnow's Handheld Learning Environment
  • PAAM is the Classroom Synchronization Manager that allows teachers to easily manage, assess, and back-up student handheld work. Student work is viewable and is stored as a digital portfolio.
  • The HLE Tools are a collection of productivity applications integrated for learning and expressly designed for K-12. The HLE Tools enable students to read web pages, create concept maps and animations, write papers, and more!
  • With each purchase of HLE, GoKnow provides single and multi-day interdisciplinary, standards-based lessons for middle grades. These lessons were written by teachers with extensive experience using handhelds in their classroom and help ease the integration of handhelds into the curriculum.
  • GoKnow has received excellent reviews for our professional development services. Teachers appreciate that we are grounded in practicality and backed by years of experience.
  • We all know that technology can bring with it technical "bumps" along the way. GoKnow strives to provide speedy answers to any problems you might run encounter.

Benefits of GoKnow's Handheld Learning Environment

  • Teachers appreciate how HLE maintains an electronic portfolio of student work, and provides them with convenient access to student work from any Internet-connected computer. In addition, HLE motivates and engages students - even the hard-to-reach.
  • Administrators use HLE to track what students are doing on their handhelds, and HLE enables a closer school-home connection by allowing parental access to student portfolios.
  • With HLE, students don’t lose their work, and they have multiple opportunities for self-expression and communication.
For ordering information, please call (877) 482-3439 or use our sales information request form.

PAAM - the classroom synchronization manager

PAAM for Pocket PC enables teachers to effectively manage and assess students' documents created on their handheld computers. When students sync their handheld computer, PAAM retrieves their documents from the handhelds and stores them on GoKnow's secure website. From any networked computer, teachers can review and assess student work, distribute assignments and provide feedback. Parents can also review their child's work from their home computer.

PAAM for Pocket PC enables teachers to:
Organize and archive student work
Print and view student work
Send feedback to students
Distribute due dates and assignments
View applications installed on student handhelds
Install and delete applications
Back up and restore student work

System Requirements

  • Windows 98 or higher, with ActiveSync

  • HLE Tools - integrated software for learning

    HLE Tools for Pocket PC provides classroom-tested and approved software in a learner-centered suite of productivity applications for handhelds. These software tools integrate concept mapping, word-processing, drawing and animation, and downloading Web pages.


  • Easy to learn and simple to use
  • Enable learners to create multimedia documents on Pocket PC computers
  • Works with Pocket IE, Pocket Word and Pocket Excel
  • Enable collaborative learning through the easy exchange and sharing of documents
  • Currently used by hundreds of students
  • HLE for Pocket PC can directly link PiCoMap, Sketchy and Pocket Word documents into one overall project document. Each project is made up of nodes and each node can contain documents. For example, clicking on one node could take you to a Sketchy animation, while clicking on the central node could take you to a Pocket Word document with questions posed by the teacher. Web pages can also be incorporated to add rich content for student research.

    With an annual HLE license, you will receive:

    >> Click on the images above to learn more about each title

    System Requirements

  • Pocket PC 2002 or newer.
  • Windows 98 or higher, with ActiveSync.
  • Requirements may vary slightly between applications.

  • Handheld Lessons

    One of the keys to successful integration of any technology into the classroom is to make certain that the technology enriches curriculum rather than becomes the curriculum. Our goal is for teachers to infuse the handhelds into their lessons rather than dramatically change their teaching practices. The collection of lessons included helps teachers incorporate HLE into their curriculum in meaningful ways by providing many examples and lessons they can adapt for their own purposes.

    Each lesson details software used, learning objectives, and provides a short narrative as to how a particular lesson might fit into a larger unit or subject matter. In addition, all lessons cite national standards, assessment strategies, and other tips from teachers based on in-class experiences.


  • Standards-based
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Classroom-tested
  • For ordering information, please call (877) 482-3439 or use our sales information request form.

    HLE is supported by extensive Professional Development materials and services.


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