Questionable Content wants to hang out with you!
Organizing a comics convention? QC would be happy to attend! However, our solid-gold LearJet is in the shop, so we could use some help paying for transportation and lodging. We are flexible though, so drop Jeph a line (jephco at mac dot com) if you'd like some QC goodness at your con and we can work out the details.

About the Author

Jeph Jacques was born on June 17, 1980 (that makes him 26, if you don't feel like doing the math) in Rockville, Maryland. He has drawn cartoons and pictures for pretty much his entire life, but QC is the first of his work to get a lot of recognition. He currently lives in Easthampton, Massachusetts and plays his guitar too loud for his own good.

General Info

QC updates five times a week, every Monday through Friday. Sneaky or impatient people often start checking for updates around 10:30pm EST the night before, as Jeph usually uploads comics a little early.

Technical Info

Questionable Content is drawn by hand on a Wacom 9x12 drawing tablet in Adobe Photoshop CS2, running on a Dual 1.8-ghz Apple G5. It is hosted by our genius, workaholic server-guru Ashton. The code for the site was written by Jeph's friend HeatherD, with the actual design of the site done by Jeph himself using CSS with additional assistance from his friend, the mysterious MangoDuck.

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