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Alex Epstein

Specialties: Antitrust, Capitalism, Free Market, Free Trade, Business, Environmentalism, Animal "Rights," Individual Rights, FDA, Regulation, Volunteerism, Welfare Programs, Social Security

Alex EpsteinAlex Epstein has a BA in Philosophy from Duke University and is a Junior Fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute. He was the editor and publisher of The Duke Review for two years. He is a contributing writer for The Objective Standard, a quarterly journal of culture and politics. His articles there include "'Just War Theory' vs. American Self-Defense," co-authored with Yaron Brook. His Op-Eds have appeared in such publications as the Detroit Free Press, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Sun-Times, Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Arizona Republic, Canada's National Post, Indianapolis Star, Orange County Register, Tampa Tribune, and the Washington Times. Mr. Epstein has been a guest on numerous nationally syndicated radio programs.






  Letters to the Editor

Celebrating Income Inequality (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

What We Owe Our Soldiers (The Capital Times & Wisconsin State Journal)

The Religious Right's Culture of Living Death (Coeur d'Alene Press)

What to Do About Gasoline Prices (Calgary Herald)

How to Truly Support our Troops (Daily Statesman)

The Meaning of New Year's Resolutions (Chicago Sun-Times, Vancouver Sun)

The Terrorists' Motivation: Islam (Canberra Times, Fort Worth Star Telegram)

Net Neutrality vs. Internet Freedom (Newberry Observer)

A Victory for Big Tobacco--and the Rule of Law (The Courier-Journal)

Keep Our "Addiction" to Oil, End Our Allergy to Self-Assertion (The Record, NJ)

Drop the "Windfall Profits" Smear (San Francisco Chronicle, Detroit Free Press, Providence Journal)

The Myth of "Price-Gouging" (Tampa Tribune, Calgary Herald)

"Muslim Opinion" Be Damned (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Providence Journal)

Israel's Deadly Appeasement Process Continues (Highlands Today)

Presumed Guilty (Providence Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Buffalo News)

The "Animal Rights" Movement's Cruelty to Humans (Calgary Herald, Arizona Republic, Louisville Courier-Journal)

Fight the Root of Terrorism With Bombs, Not Bread (San Francisco Chronicle)

The Anti-Life Opposition to Embryonic Stem Cell Research (Northwest Arkansas Times, Education Update)

A Culture of Living Death (San Francisco Chronicle, Louisville Courier-Journal, South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

The Tyranny of Eminent Domain (Providence Journal, National Post, Washington Times)

Drug Safety vs. the FDA (Orange County Register)

Social Security is Immoral (Providence Journal, Detroit Free Press, Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today Magazine, Courier-Journal)

Environmentalism's Dangerous Campaign for "Safety" (Providence Journal, Washington Times)

The Meaning of the Right to Vote (Canada's National Post)

World Opinion Be Damned (Providence Journal)

Bush's Faith-Based Initiative Is an Assault on the Wall Between Church and State (San Francisco Chronicle)

The Terror of "Animal Rights" (Bucks County Courier Times, El Nuevo Herald)

Cloning Is Moral (Bangkok Post, Morning Call)

Cloning Is Moral (Australia's Herald Sun)

The Cost of the "Ethical" Assault on Honest Businessmen (Silicon Valley Biz Ink)

Peacenik Warmongers (Oregonian, Indianapolis Star, Philadelphia Inquirer)

Paralyzing America's Producers (Atlanta Journal and Constitution)

Thinking It Alone (Houston Chronicle)

The Betrayal of the Bush Doctrine (Capitalism Magazine)

An Open Letter to CEOs: Defend the Profit Motive-or Perish (Las Vegas Review-Journal, Providence Journal, Philadelphia Inquirer)

No Conflict Between Liberty and Security (Washington Times, Harrisburg Patriot News, Asbury Park Press)

What Is Killing the Stock Market? Government Regulation (Merrimack News Connection)

The Virtue of "Playing God" (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Bush's Un-American and Immoral Call for "National Service" (Providence Journal)

Unlimited Liability (Hartford Business Journal)

Disband the Coalition (Bucks County Courier Times)

The Conference for Human Extermination (Clarion Publications)

The Evil of Animal "Rights" (Tulsa World)

A Feeling Is Not an Argument (Akron Beacon Journal, Press of Atlantic City)


Bush's Opposition to Embryonic Stem Cell Research Is Anti-Life (Capitalism Magazine)

There Is No Such thing as Price Gouging by Private Oil Companies (Calgary Herald)

Faith-Based Initiatives Are an Assault on Secular Government (Caledonian Record, Daily Journal Corporation)


  Press Releases


"Open-Access" vs. Freedom in the Wireless Industry

The Saudi Arms Deal and Our Addiction to American Sacrifice

The "Alternative Energy" Farm Bill Fiasco

Income Inequality Is Good

Liberate American Energy Producers, Neuter OPEC

The Flavor Police

Legalize "Price-Fixing"

Malibu Environmentalists vs. the Lifeblood of California

Abolish the SEC's Investor Wealth Requirement

Preventing Mergers Destroys Competition

The Iran Evasion

The Un-American Opposition to "Income Inequality"

Victory for Big Tobacco Is a Victory for Rule of Law

America Is Not "Addicted to Oil"