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Profile by Ianto

Dr Tanizaki

Dr Tanizaki is head of the Cybertechnology Institute of Osaka, founded 2007 after the Cyberman invasion. Purpose of the CiO was to monitor and learn from the Cybermen and their debris.

Many early experiments proved unsuccessful, especially due to the lack of available material (mechanical or biological), or any way of understanding the equipment that was used.

Dr Tanizaki once said during an interview, "I wish I understood them. It's like hoping to find God on the autopsy table - all you're staring at is a set of parts. In some ways, horrible as this is to say, I wish I'd become one of these creatures. Just to know how it all happened. What if felt like - even though, of course, we know that these poor creatures felt nothing at all."

Dr Tanizaki is incredibly fussy about travel and hotels. First class and five star. Very keen to know what kind of treadmill is in the hotel gym, due to a recurrent knee injury.

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