BIOGRAPHY: Outcasts and Astronauts

It began with a name that would give way to a humorous though impressive album credit: All songs written, performed, produced, programmed and recorded by Puppies. Joshua Carter and Daniel Agee are puppies... Well, not literally. Actually they’re cousins. Originally from Oxford, Ohio, Daniel and Joshua formed Puppies in Nashville, TN in the summer of 2004.

Carter is a pianist and composer who received his formal training in composition from the Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati and played with numerous bands in both Minneapolis and Ohio. In Nashville, Carter landed a production deal to record and shop several of his songs. Agee, who has been playing the guitar (Hamer, his choice of axe) since age five, found work touring with major acts on Virgin, Capitol and Warner Bros. Currently he writes and records songs for a Nashville publishing company. With Puppies, they placed the keyboard and guitar on an equal plane with one another, returning to an era where these two giants were brothers (or cousins in their case). Both experienced singer/songwriters, they share the singing and songwriting duties.

In 2005 Puppies recorded their first EP, outcasts & astronauts. Their music is an amalgamation of dream and emo rock, with influences from groups like Pink Floyd and Tears for Fears and the modern edge of the Foo Fighters and Smashing Pumpkins. Their lyrics speak of outcasts and astronauts, the physical, the metaphysical, unnatural fears and of leaving the weight of the world behind. They sing through their hearts, through their minds and through vocoders.

In 2006 Puppies joined forces with drummer extraordinaire Christopher McGuire (also an Oxford native) of the Japanese sensation Quruli, John Vanderslice, Mark Mallman and Kid Dakota, to record the follow up to outcasts & astronauts, due out in March 2007.

"[They] have a clear sense of song structure and delivery...good musical hooks...big lyrical hooks to match and high quality vocals... [they] definitely have [their] own identity amongst all the other stuff that is currently out there." --TAXI

To read the review of Puppies found in the October 2006 issue of Northeast In-Tune Magazine click here.

Live Band Roster

Daniel Agee*: guitar slinging, vocals, bass
Joshua Carter*: pianistic debauchery, vocals
Christopher McGuire: drum set, comedic antics

*Daniel and Joshua are cousins