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THES - QS World University Rankings 2006 - 1-520

The full list of institutions ranked in the THES - QS World University Rankings 2006. Click the institute names to be directed to the profile of the chosen university.

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Alpha Name School Name Country
Ibadan Univ University of Ibadan Nigeria
Iberoamericana Univ Iberoamericana University Mexico
Illinois Univ University of Illinois United States
Indian Inst Technol Delhi Indian Institute of Technology India
Indian Institute of Management Indian Institute of Management India
Indiana Univ Indiana University United States
Indonesia Univ University of Indonesia Indonesia
Innsbruck Univ University of Innsbruck Austria
Iowa State Univ Iowa State University United States
Iowa Univ University of Iowa United States
Istanbul Tech Univ Istanbul Technical University Turkey
Istanbul Univ Istanbul University Turkey
Jagiellonian Univ Jagiellonian University Poland
Jawaharlal Nehru Univ Jawaharlal Nehru University India
Jena Univ Universit�t Jena Germany
Jilin Univ University of Jilin China
Johns Hopkins Univ Johns Hopkins University United States
Jyvaskyla Univ University of Jyv�skyl� Finland
Kagoshima Univ Kagoshima University Japan
Kanazawa Univ Kanazawa University Japan
Kansas Univ University of Kansas United States
Karlsruhe Univ Universit�t Karlsruhe Germany
Kasetsart Univ Kasetsart University Thailand
Kazan State Univ Kazan State University Russia
Keio Univ Keio University Japan
Kentucky Univ University of Kentucky United States
Khon Kaen Univ Khon Kaen University Thailand
Kiel Univ Universit�t zu Kiel Germany
Kobe Univ Kobe University Japan
Koblenz WHU WHU - Wissenschaftliche Hochschule f�r U... Germany
Koln (Cologne) Univ Universit�t zu K�ln Germany
Konstanz Univ Universit�t Konstanz Germany
Korea Adv. Inst Sci & Technol Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Te... South Korea
Korea Univ Korea University South Korea
Kumamoto Univ Kumamoto University Japan
Kuopio Univ Kuopio University Finland
Kyoto Univ Kyoto University Japan
Kyung Hee Univ Kyung Hee University South Korea
Kyungpook Natl Univ Kyungpook National University South Korea
Kyushu Univ Kyushu University Japan
La Trobe Univ La Trobe University Australia
Lahore Univ University of Lahore Pakistan
Lancaster Univ Lancaster University United Kingdom
Lausanne Univ University of Lausanne Switzerland
Laval Univ Laval University Canada
Leeds Univ University of Leeds United Kingdom
Leicester Univ University of Leicester United Kingdom
Leiden Univ Leiden University Netherlands
Leipzig Univ Universit�t Leipzig Germany
Liege Univ University of Liege Belgium
Lille I - USTL Universite des Sciences et Technologies ... France
Lille II University of Lille 2 France
Lille III - Charles de Gaulle University of Lille 3 - Charles de Gaull... France
Limerick Univ University of Limerick Ireland
Linkoping Univ Link�ping University Sweden
Linz Univ Johannes Kepler University Linz Austria
Liverpool Univ University of Liverpool United Kingdom
Ljubljana Univ University of Ljubljana Slovenia
Lodz Univ Lodz University Poland
London Goldsmiths Coll Goldsmiths College United Kingdom
London Imperial Coll Imperial College London United Kingdom
London Kings Coll King's College London United Kingdom
London Queen Mary Univ Queen Mary, University of London United Kingdom
London School of Economics London School of Economics and Political... United Kingdom
London SOAS School of Oriental and African Studies United Kingdom
London Univ Coll University College London (UCL) United Kingdom
Lorand Eotvos Univ E�tv�s Lor�nd University Hungary
Los Andes Univ Universidad de Los Andes Colombia
Loughborough Univ Loughborough University United Kingdom
Louisiana State Univ Louisiana State University United States
Loyola Univ Loyola University Chicago United States
Lund Univ Lund University Sweden
Lyon I - Claude Bernard Universite Claude Bernard- Lyon 1 France
Lyon II - Lumiere University Lumiere Lyon 2 France
Lyon III - Jean Moulin University of Lyon 3 - Jean Moulin France
Maastricht Univ University of Maastricht Netherlands
Macquarie Univ Macquarie University Australia
Madrid Univ Autonoma Universidad Aut�noma de Madrid Spain
Madrid Univ Complutense University Complutense Madrid Spain
Mahidol Univ Mahidol University Thailand
Mainz Univ Universit�t Mainz Germany
Malaya Univ (UM) University of Malaya Malaysia
Malaysia Natl Univ (UKM) Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Malaysia
Malaysia Univ Putra (UPM) University Putra Malaysia Malaysia
Malaysia Univ Sains (USM) University Sains Malaysia Malaysia
Manchester Univ & UMIST University of Manchester United Kingdom
Manitoba Univ University of Manitoba Canada
Mannheim Univ Universit�t Mannheim Germany
Marburg Univ Universit�t Marburg Germany
Maryland Univ University of Maryland United States
Massachusetts Univ University of Massachusetts, Amherst United States
Massey Univ Massey University New Zealand
McGill Univ McGill University Canada
McMaster Univ McMaster University Canada
Melbourne Univ University of Melbourne Australia
Miami Univ University of Miami United States
Michigan State Univ Michigan State University United States
Michigan Univ University of Michigan United States
Mie Univ Mie University Japan
Milan Cath. Univ Catholic University of the Sacred Heart ... Italy

Source: THES - QS World University Rankings
Copyright � 2004-2006 QS Quacquarelli Symonds