Tribute to Ingmar Bergman


With the death of Ingmar Bergman, one of the last great film creators, an era has passed away. An era where cinema was the supreme medium, dominating the cultural landscape and powerful men could direct and dictate our inner most feelings and desires with mass media.

For good or worse, we now live in the time of the great distributed networks where all of us have the powers of communication and creation at our hands. Despite Bergman, lets not wish the time of mass media back, but let it silently pass away with a final gasp.

As big fans of Bergmans work, we decided to make a tribute site to the films he created and we all love. We want to help people share these works and hope that even though Ingmar is no longer with us more people will experience the films and enjoy them as much as we have.

We have tried to gather links to all of his movies in a format called BitTorrent. In order to download these you need a Torrent client - we would recommend uTorrent for Windows or Azureus for other platforms. If you do not want to install any client, we also have Bitlet links to all the files, then you just need Java in your browser.