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Patellar Luxation


General Information
What is a patellar luxation?

How is patellar luxation diagnosed?
Guidelines for examining a dog for luxating patellas

What do the patellar luxation grades mean?
An explanation of the degrees of severity of patellar luxation

Patellar luxation statistics
By breed, number evaluated, percent affected

Patellar Luxation Number Key
Interpret the meaning of the OFA patellar luxation certification number assigned to your dog.

Patellar luxation application
Online Acrobat pdf form
. Fill the top part of this form out online, print, and take to your vet to use when examining your dog for patellar luxation. Fees are listed on the form or may be found in the OFA fees section.

Patellar Luxation Report Sample
In order to assist buyers and breeders in researching and verifying health history, the OFA is providing sample report forms. Any form presented as an "OFA Report" which is not on an official OFA form should be held as suspect.

The Patellar Luxation Database is for dogs 12 months and over. Examinations performed on dogs less than 12 months will be treated as Consultations and no OFA breed numbers will be assigned.

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