Sworn to a great Video


after finishing the mix of the new beast and emptying the bar, it's time to make the first videoshoot for the new album. The first video will be for the song "Exile". The videorecording will take place in Gothenburg and has a pretty trippy script..
I'm sure it's gonna turn out awesome!

Later, Speed

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can't wait! :)

Yeah! Hurry up guys! I can't wait.


I can't wait...see you soon(eastpack tour-Milan-Alcatraz) =) stabbing the dramaaaa
ROB (the best italian fan)

I can't wait to see the video and listen the new album... You totally rock!!!

Hails from Mexico!

We can't wait! We need more! Please give us some extracts on line before the 19th october!

MAT (the best french fan!)

Yeah guys, I can't wait any longer for the new album!!! ...from a big fan form Montreal, QC.


when will be able to be listened a song in myspace?

Soilwork makes me proud to be a swede! Can't wait!

Greetings from Brazil... you guys are one of my bigest influence.My band had a similar situation of you, when our singer left the band. Now we are release our second album... and I can say for sure, "Sworn to a Great Divide" will ROCK more than anyone. Becouse when you overcome some problem, you come powerfull !!!... you guys kick ass!! \,,/

We are watching you guyz!
i already saw you drum recordings,from you tube..good things we hear near time.
c u in Turkey

One More Lie
(mtlcore frm TR)

Kommer det vara en öppen inspelning? Jag kommer gärna och "hejar på"!

You have never let me down before with your great music. And I very much doubt the first time will come with "Sworn To A Great Divide"

Hi guys...

iam f****** greedy for your new album!!!

do you know already any tour-dates?
please come to north germany! i wanna bang my head!

and if you need support from an small band from germany, you may ask me ;p

ok... and stay rude! i get dissapointed if i heare something like good behaviour!

greets from lower-saxony


Good to hear from Soilwork again.

Another album to look out for and another uncountable bunch of hours to be lost in music with one of my favorite metal bands.

Greetz from the Netherlands,

Serious Sven

By the way, see you 9 and/or 10 october.

I am sure that the song is awesome, 'cause its in a video :O

I am so wating for the album ;D

When is the album out? Before your UK Tour I hope?

See you in october I'll make sure you see us :)

All The Guys @ Volitian :)

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