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Erik Möller
Brüsseler Str. 13
13353 Berlin
Telefon: +49 30 45491008
Telefax: +49 30 45491009

We offer:

  • Hosting of wikis and content management systems
  • Service and consulting in this field

Our top offers:

  • Wiki entry offer - wiki of your choice (we recommend MediaWiki) with 1 gigabyte storage space and 5 gigabytes of data transfer. 15 USD / month (VAT included)
  • CMS full package - dedicated server (at least 40 gigabytes harddisk, 50 gigabytes data transfer) running a wiki of your choice and any other CMS software you want us to install, with comprehensive service package. 100 USD / month (VAT included)

There is no setup fee.

We provide daily web-based backups, phpMyAdmin database server administration, FTP accounts, webalizer statistics, and more.

You can pay using PayPal.

Reference customers:

  1. WikiRPG, MediaWiki
  2. Frauenwiki, MediaWiki
  3. Marehof, MediaWiki
  4. Wikinations, consisting of four individual wikis
  5. Peaceful Beginnings, MediaWiki
  6. Advanced Civilizations, MediaWiki
  7. MemoryWiki, MediaWiki
Please contact us if you are interested in one of our offers!