Origin and History

Picture of Ivone Pinton
Ivone Pinton
Picture of Enrico Magro
Enrico Magro

The Durango team was founded in 1980 by Ivone Pinton and Enrico Magro, through uniting the creativity and vision of one, with the precision and discipline of the other, it has become one of the most competitive teams on a world level.

Our family

The Durango team prides itself on its excellent, personal relationship with its sponsors. Sponsorship doesn't simply mean placing an adhesive on a car. For us at Durango sponsorship means paying attention to each need of the company that has decided to lend its name to our team. Our group of experts is ready to study all marketing strategies in order to meet the demands of each of our sponsors ensuring maximum investment return and visibility.

We are certain that choosing to sponsor championships such as GP2 Series, Formula Azzurra, Formula Renault, Euroseries 3000 and Formula 3000, provides a unique opportunity for all companies that want to “race” their product before the public. Let's not forget that championships like GP2 are transmitted around the world which has a positive domino effect for all those involved. Increased exposure in the media means increased visibility and consequently increased sales, security and revenue for all those who decide to become a part of the Durango Family.

1987-2007: thirty years of success

Reynard 1991 - 1995

1987-1990: during this period the Durango team partook in the Formula 3 Italian Championship, they stopped partaking in 1992.

Lola 1996 - 1998

1991-1993: Durango first partook in the “24 hours at Le Mans” in June 1991. This is the famous competition that has taken place at the la Sarthe circuit in France since 1923. During these years not only did Durango compete in the Formula 3000 International Championship, but also in the Formula 2 English Championship.

Lola 2000 - 2001

1994-2003: Durango established itself as a leading international competitor in these years, taking part in the Renault Formula 2 championship and Euroseries. Meanwhile it continued to race in the Formula 3000 International Championship until 1999. In June 2003, the team participated for the second time in the “24 hours at Le Mans”, an event which confirmed their status as a strong international competitor.

Lola 2002

2004-2006: the team's rise to international competitor status was confirmed in 2005 when the team made a further advance and became part of the GP2 Series. GP2 was a new championship with a simple objective, to help young drivers enter into Formula 1.
The 2006 season brought with it a new challenge for Durango, the participation in Formula Azzurra, a category sustained by the Italian Katering Federation.

In the 2007 season the team will continue to partake in championships: GP2 Series, Formula 3000 FMS by Durango, and in EGTS; but more importantly will continue on its road to success.

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