Torchwood | The Fall Of Torchwood


Cybermen captured on CCTV

Torchwood One was invaded by a cybernetic army from another dimension. The invaders, known as Cybermen, began a process of converting Torchwood personnel into their own species, grafting machinery onto their bodies, and sending them out to fight a battle with another alien species.

Of 823 staff, we have 27 survivors. 467 are known to be dead, the rest are listed as missing.

The fighting only ceased when the void into the other dimension was opened, pulling all the invaders back through, along with their technology.

It appears that any material (biological or mechanical) which had travelled through the void was taken back through when it was opened.

For those being cybernetically upgraded, the opening of the Void had bad consequences. Those entirely encased in Cybernetic Armour were dragged back entirely. Those partially upgraded (say only replacement limbs or eyes, lung, or heart) had those new components wrenched out by the void. The consequences were invariably fatal.

The only exceptions were those being converted with material entirely derived from this side of the void - even then, such cases were extremely rare, and we were unable to understand the technology in time to stabilise their conditions.

The building has sustained substantial structural damage on all levels. Of great concern is the damage to the Equipment Stores, resulting in the loss of 93% of Torchwood One's stock of alien weaponry.

Also disabled is our weapons array, our main archive computer, and air conditioning units.

The recommendation that has gone to Her Majesty for her consideration is the immediate closure of Torchwood One, together with the formation of a steering committee to fully examine future options.

The suggested name for this is the Future Options Committee, but this is open to discussion in the formation documents which are being prepared for the initial sessions of the steering committee.

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