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Pension Law Regulation

The most recent documents available on this subject are:

The Railway Pensions Commission
An independent Railway Pensions Commission has been set up by the rail unions and employers to review the current railways pensions scheme. Against a background of rising costs of pension provision, the Commission will be asked to consider if any alternative means of long term pension provision might be available that would be fair and affordable for both employees and employers.
21 September 2006

ABI pensions scheme still does not beat Turner model
Commenting on the Association of British Insurers response to the Government's White Paper on pensions, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said:
6 September 2006

Five tests for the pensions white paper
Next week's expected white paper on the future of pensions offers a “once in a generation opportunity” to achieve a new pensions settlement says the TUC. But if it is to produce a sustainable new system that can command wide support it has to meet a series of five basic tests that will ensure it meets the need of today's employees and tomorrow's pensioners.
20 May 2006

Index linking and a better deal for women top MPs pension choices
There is strong support across the political divide to index link the state retirement pension to earnings, and to give women a fairer deal from the state pension according to a survey of MPs carried out by the Peoples' Pensions Coalition – a lobby group set up by Age Concern, Help the Aged, the TUC and Which?.
14 May 2006

Trustees back knowledge and understanding requirements
Member-nominated trustees overwhelmingly back requirements for trustee knowledge and understanding, according to a TUC/Punter Southall survey.
24 April 2006

Trustee recruitment problems are exaggerated, TUC survey shows
The large majority of trustees (85 per cent) say they experience no problems filling member trustee vacancies, suggesting concerns about trustee recruitment as a result of the move to equal employer and employee representation on pensions boards by 2009 are exaggerated.
31 October 2005

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