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On a crisp November morning, Jay Dhillon dropped off his two-year old niece "Mia," at day care in Oak Brook, Illinois. He had no idea this was a day that would change his business pursuits.

As the pair strode to the little girl's classroom, Jay found himself wading through a sea of coughs, sneezes and wheezes. It was no wonder why Mia got sick so often at day care, but Jay began to question whether day cares took every precaution to prevent contagious viruses from spreading.

Jay spoke to his sister-in-law, Dr. Kiran Dhillon. As a Doctor of Infectious Disease, Dr. Dhillon remarked that nurseries and day cares are highly susceptible environments for germs and bacteria to thrive. People, especially children, interacting in such places have an increased risk of becoming ill. In addition, Dr. Dhillon claimed that a major vehicle in transferring bacteria, mold, mites and germs in day care settings was related to the toys that children pass back and forth, particularly the exchange of plush toys. Often, plush toys deteriorate because of molds, mites and bacteria.

An inventor at heart and holder of 17 National and International patents, Jay became fixated on making a plush toy that would last longer and fight against deterioration caused by molds, mites and bacteria.  

After months of intensive research, Jay had discovered a way to create a toy that would protect itself from molds, mites or bacteria. In March of 2005, two medically proven processes and products that reduce mold, bacteria and germs were used to make his new Plush Toy. By creating the World's safest, antimicrobial plush toy, Jay began his new company...


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