Updated Aug.11,2006 20:15 KST

Incheon on Alert After London ‘Foils’ Terror Attack
Following what U.K. authorities say was a foiled terror attack on flights between Britain and the U.S., Korea’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority of the Ministry of Construction and Transportation raised the security level at Incheon and Gimhae Airports from green (ordinary) to blue (concerned) on Thursday, and then at Friday noon to yellow (cautious). A yellow alert is declared when there is intelligence suggesting threats to airplanes or airports.

The remaining higher levels are orange (warning) and red (serious). Blue requires random passenger checks, but at yellow, 15 percent of passengers are x-rayed and pass through a metal detector and all must take off their shoes for inspection. Orange and red reuire 20 percent and 50 percent of passengers to be searched.

A SWAT team of Incheon Metropolitan Police patrols Incheon International Airport on Friday, after the U.K. said it foiled an attempt to blow up U.S.-bound planes./Yonhap

Additionally, all passengers on flights to U.S. destinations plus U.S. forces bases Guam and Saipan will have their carry-on luggage searched in front of the gate. Passengers may not carry on duty-free items such as liquor and cosmetics including creams, shampoos and gels on U.S.-bound flights. Groups traveling together will have to check in their luggage individually on U.S.- and U.K.-bound flights

The aviation safety administrations says, "With the increased security measures now in place, boarding procedures are taking longer so passengers should arrive at the airport one hour before they normally arrive." Right in the midst of the peak travel season, some 90,000 travelers headed to the airport, but since they had previously heard of the news there was no disorder.

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