Antestor - USA 2000 (QuickTime format)
This movie is a wrap-up from 2 private mini-DVs which where recorded from the US tour Antestor did with Extol in 2000. Some known songs and some scenes between the concerts on that tour.
Original version of Himmelen Åpenbart (known as ‘Med Hevede Sverd’ released on - Det tapte liv EP) is a rarity.
Antestor movies
Movie is from Bobfest 2004, where Antestor did a great gig related to releasing their single “The tapte liv” and the album “The Forsaken”. The gig was taped and subtitled by Traume.
This movie is a rare recording done in Oslo 3 June 1994. Upon then there was a local initiative called BootlegTV where youth could practice and experience recording and video production. They usually had local bands from Oslo playing, which was recorded and shown on a tv-station “TV Norge”. Antestor is playing five songs from Martyrium album.