For Immediate Release
Thursday, March 8, 2007
Contact: Jim Billimoria
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Price Challenges Others to Help Close Illegal Immigration Loophole

Washington, DC – Rep. Tom Price (GA-06-R) issued the following statement today after co-sponsoring the Photo Identification Security Act (H.R. 1314). This legislation would stipulate the specific forms of identification necessary to attain a credit card or bank account.

“The current loophole in federal law is an invitation to illegal immigration,” said Price. “We should not reward those coming here illegally by allowing them the services afforded to American citizens, which results in back-door amnesty.”

“The current law does a disservice to the American people and our financial institutions. I am confident that greater clarification in this area will help stem the tide of illegal aliens, which has been promoted due to a lack of clarity on the issue.

“Our financial institutions should not be operating under obscure parameters that do not serve our nation. In working with the banking community, we can strengthen these regulations to help protect America. I call on all Members of Congress to join in this important work.”

Highlights of the Photo Identification Security Act:

  • Any official business with the federal government or financial institutions will require one of these forms of identification:
    • A Social Security card with a government-issued identification card (including state driver’s licenses)
    • U.S. or foreign passport
    • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Photo Identification Card
  • Mexican government-issued Marticula Consular Cards are not accepted.