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Special Solutions

Hytrol has been designing, testing, manufacturing "Specials" for the conveyor industry for over 55 years. If there is a need for moving the unusual, performing a function on the conveyor, or even conveying the unconveyable -- Hytrol can do it!! Let Hytrol have the opportunity to solve your material handling challenge. Below you will find just a small collection of what Hytrol can do for you...

Special Solutions
NSPEZ Decline » More Info
Brings empty boxes down the decline and distribute boxes to select filling stations. Boxes must be held for filling. After filling, the boxes proceed downstream to apply labels and then back to the trunk line.
V-Belt Transfer » More Info
This extended V-belt type transfer uses nine strands of V-belts to move rugs.
Tol-O-Matic Overhead Pull-off » More Info
Used with a PLC to control the accumulation and release of product into the pusher. Boxes are pushed from one line to another.
Three Tier Transfer » More Info
Operators at fifteen workstations call for correct size "caul plates" and stainless steel separator plates to build up several circuit boards.
Powered Turntable » More Info
Product enters the turntable and is rotated to a take-away transfer cart where the pallets are moved to a pick station.
Pop-up Star Turntable Rotator » More Info
Pallets are moved to a "Star Rotator" and rotated in 90 degree increments in a full 360 degree rotation.
Pneumatically operated side clamp box pusher » More Info
Closes the ends of boxes while the box is being moved on the conveyor.
Low Profile Chain Guard » More Info
Allows product overhang.
Heavy-Duty PSB Plastic Belt Conveyor » More Info
Rolls of raw material used in the manufacture of paper towels. Rolls measure 102 in. diameter x 102 in. tall and weigh in at 5000 lbs.
Coil Spooling Station » More Info
Designed to handle 300 lb. coils of copper air conditioner tubing.
Centering Device » More Info
This Hytrol conveyor accessory was designed to assist a robotic unit for removal of a wheel-shaped object from the roller conveyor.
SweepSort (Patent Pending) » More Info
Hytrol's new patent pending SweepSort small item sorter can accurately track and literally "sweep" problematic items such as round objects at rates up to 140 items per minute.
Laydown Device » More Info
The laydown device is used to lower box springs from a standing position onto a 190-ACC conveyor.
Viper Sort Small Item Sorter (Patent Pending) » More Info
Special sorter used as an order sorter in a business to consumer processing application.
Dual Belt CCEZ » More Info
Transport and accumulate panels or partitions in various stages of assembly.
RBEZ » More Info
Transport and accumulate panels or partitions in various stages of assembly.
Pneumatic Lift Station » More Info
This pneumatic lift station was designed to lift 2000 lb. multi-deck merchandiser refrigerators so assemblers can work on them without bending.


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