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The'Matthew' is a yearly customer on the slip, but is mostly worked on by one of the original builders
The yard is usually open for the public to walk through, offering sites as these of the 'Matthew'
The slipway cradle of the Underfall Yard was rebuilt by founder member of the Co-operative Win Cnoops with the help of later co-founder Jay Clark, and Dennis Platten, in normal life rigger of traditional ships. The original one dated from 1880 and wasn't used anymore since 1974, after which the Slipway got overgrown and the cradle itself rotting away. The functioning of the slipway was essential for the longterm preservation of the restored Underfall Yard as a historic industrial monument, as it provided the Underfall Restoration Trust with funds to maintain slipway and buildings, and the tenants of those buildings with boats to earn a living with. As such the yard is not only rescued materially, but also in its original function, providing a haven for, mostly, traditional boats and its carers. Based at the yard at the moment are two wooden boat builders, a blacksmith, a ships rigger, a composites specialist (GRP, Carbonfibre). a narrow boat outfitter and a joiner. The Co-operative is the longest standing tenant, and is in charge of the slipping of all boats coming on the slip, usually with help from other tenants.
Special moment on a yearly Yard barbecue: 4 visiting Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters
One of which is 'Peggy' of 1906, here on another occasion
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