Episode 101 - Do It, Do It Again
Melissa DiMarco and her team are securing interviews on the Red Carpet of a movie premiere. Unfortunately, technical difficulties ensue, resulting in a great interview, with no sound! How does the Out There Team save the footage and the show? Features: Dustin Hoffman, Mark Wahlberg, Lily Tomlin


Episode 102 - "Rewind"
What the viewing audience sees on the average entertainment journalism program is the glamour; but it's all smoke and mirrors. The Out There Team rewinds this episode and lets the world see what really happens to pull it all together. Know-how, last minute luck, a gauntlet run with a late tape and some crazy behavior delivers a show on time, that otherwise wouldn't have happened. Mask and The Mask? What's the difference? Features: Jude Law, Ben Affleck , Christina Applegate, and a special moment with Peter Bogdanovich


Melissa's good friend and writer, Ellen, is out of town, throwing the balance of the show out of wack. Testosterone thinking rules the day. The guys of Out There sneek babes on camera, strange arguments about the origin of Sponge Bob annoy and more. Melissa feels out of sorts, and maybe even out of place on her own show! Features: THE VOICES OF THE SPONGE BOB MOVIE, Pierce Brosnan, Rene Zellwegger


Episode 104 - Girls Night Out with Collin Farrell
Screen the movie. Do the interview. Simple. But, what happens when everyone wants to meet the star you're interviewing? Melissa faces a dilemma - How does she maintain her journalistic integrity AND please her girlfriends - who are like Piranhas ready to sink their teeth into movie star Collin Farrell?


Episode 105- "Can you really ever go Home Again"

Melissa attends a "dress appropriate" party; a hot fetish and S&M leather show bash. Promoter 'The Original Kidrock' takes her on a journey to "the dungeon" and introduces her to the art of spanking. Melissa tries explaining her less than average day to her traditional grandparents! Surprisingly, her Nonna is fine with it… or is she? Melissa knows her job can be a little… riskier than most, as she's cornered into grabbing wrestling star Triple 'H' s ass, among other strange chores. Features: Triple H, Jessica Beil, Melissa's Nonna.


Episode 106 - Something Out of Nothing

What happens when the calls are made to the publicists, agents, and studios, yet no one confirms an interview? No show, right? Twenty-four short hours later, too many celebrities have confirmed for the same show. Some very famous stars have to get bumped. But who? Decisions. Decisions. Sometimes, too much of something is a whole lot of nothing. Features: Angelina Jolie, Bill Murray, Jim Carrey, Helen Hunt, Jamie Lee Curtis, Adam Sandler and more, too much more.


Episode 107 - "Surprise"
Melissa discusses promotions with her publicist before she plans to celebrate a quiet birthday alone. Melissa's team decides to throw her a surprise B-day bash instead. She's touched by the whole experience, especially because she is put to WORK at her own party. Surprise. Features: Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson

Episode 108 - "Legalistically Speaking"
Entertainment journalism is filled with a lot of legals. What happens when you have amazing interviews with the stars, great stand ups with the host and the show is packaged BUT talent releases, location permits, and footage clearances are missing? The show's lawyer puts a halt to the show until the team resolves the legal issues and gets it all cleared for broadcast. One little problem, the lawyer gets caught on camera in one of the shots and won't sign his own talent release form. Features: Dennis Quaid, the Hypnotist The Incredible Boris, Topher Grace, and Scarlett Johansson

Episode 109 - "Wearing Two Hats"

Actor, Producer and Journalist; can all these worlds co-exist? Melissa is at a call back for a lead movie role where she is short-listed with Jessica Simpson and Heather Locklear. Her audition keeps getting interrupted by problems, called in by the team back at the office. The issue of where to draw the line is further muddled when Adam insists that Melissa interview filmmaker Kevin Smith on the set of a television show, which they are both acting on. She tries to keep her two worlds separate but when they meet, they collide. Features: Kevin Smith, Will Smith, Eva Mendes


Episode 110 - "Sugar Shocked"
Melissa has a venting moment that crosses the line into fantasy, as she dumps her woes on Willy Wonka. She is quickly faced with reality; the reality that with not enough sleep and her team filled with sugar they all get a little bit "Willy Wonky". On another turn Melissa is forced to hurry-up-and-wait with just enough time to change for the next gig, in a moving vehicle. Feature: Keanu Reeves, Jamie Kennedy, Alan Cummings, Rachel Weisz

Episode 111- "I Should Have Been a Lawyer"
Melissa gets the shaft when her interview with Chaz Palminteri becomes a no-show; a no-show that means there is no show. A chance meeting with Tommy Chong in the hotel bar saves her interview and next episode. A night out for crazy party with promoter "The Original Kid Rock" should be a break from the madness, right? After a song and a drink, Melissa's team has her working again. Features: John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Tommy Chong

Episode 112 - "HEAD SHOTS"
The medium is the message, and it's all in how you sell it. Melissa is reminded of this when Linda, her publicist and Ellen try to help her with her wardrobe and accessories for an upcoming photo shoot. Even true professionals can get caught up in a little industry gossip, like rumors about Jennifer Tilley's shoe obsession. Melissa gets a taste of industry gossip herself when director Mike Binder puts her in the hot seat during an interview; revealing that there are even rumors about Melissa floating around the www! Really? Like What? Bust size?? Win a date?? And so much more! Features: Kevin Costner, Mike Binder, Jennifer Tilley and Joan Allen

Episode 113- "The Show Must Go On"

What happens when the host is sick? We mean down-and-out - with the flu. Soorrrrryy… no substitutes allowed. So the show won't lose the interview, Melissa pulls herself out of bed. High on meds, sneezing and coughing… good-natured Matthew McConaughey is in for some fun, and surprises as Melissa uses him as a human Kleenex! "Everybody has snot sometimes" - Matthew Mcconaughey Features: Matthew Mcconaughey, Clive Owen, Brittany Murphy, Rosario Dawson


Episode 201 - "Publicity"- When is Too Much Enough

The Win-a-Date promo hits the airwaves and the Lawyer gets involved. Melissa's Publicist insists on making an easy morning radio interview into a nightmare, getting yet another camera to follow her around. Overdressed for radio, a little befuddled and tired, the radio show must go on. With a late night red carpet after a full day of interviews, Melissa's Nonna tries help with a lunch, a banana, and maybe a husband. Features: Martin Short, John Michael Higgins

Episode 202 - "That's Hot"
Melissa flies back from doing interviews in Los Angeles. Back to normal life; Melissa learns her Writer always falls asleep during the show's airing; the Story Producer is trying to sell movie clips of Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy on the open market, and Flip the intern tries to get his job back, once he realizes he can't win a date with Melissa. Help! Finally, a new intern to the rescue - She's beautiful and good at her job. Well, sort of - a huge fan of Paris Hilton, instead of paper-editing the interview, she's focused on more important matters - Is Paris Hilton wearing Dolce and Gabbana or Chanel? Sometimes getting help is no help. Features: Paris Hilton, Chad Michael Murray, Jane Fonda, Don Cheadle, Sam Rockwell, Mos Def

Episode 215 - "Time Management"
Melissa has to deal with putting a show together while taking care of family promises at the same time. Can the two mix? Only if you have an imagination and see "The Big Picture" in the end. Will she call Keanu Reeves a f*ckball? Why would she want to do that anyway? Results... Melissa goes on gut instincts and makes lemonade from lemons. Features: Eddie Griffin, Dean Cain, Paul Reiser and Keanu Reeves


Episode 305 - "Vacation - Part 1"

Ahhhh... the beach, the sun, and the joy of just letting go! Melissa takes the crew to Punta Cana Dominican Republic. The only problem is that she is there to NOT work according to Mike the "Budget Guy" back at the office.
Unbenounced to Melissa, Flip is trying to get video of her for the men that watch the show and the usual mayhem still happens even though she is no where the hustle bustle of her life at home. Yes, Flip gets fired :) but he doesnt mind at all. Corey and Ron use thier lucky shirts to get... well, you get the idea.