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This is a moderated forum – we’re interested in facts and figures, not shouting or ideological rants. Michael Moore has his say and has his web site. Now it’s our turn. If you have facts or information that demonstrates how America’s health system really works, E-mail us. Americans deserve all the facts about our health care system so we can make smart decisions about its future.

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02-Aug-07 03:38 PM

For years conservatives have dismally failed to address our health system, consequently, we’re closer than ever to socialized health care. These facts are just the tip of the iceberg. I hope Americans never have to find out how expensive free health care really is.

02-Aug-07 03:38 PM

Socialized medicine is already in the United States, and it's terrible by all involved: patients, hospitals, nurses, physicians, etc. Medicaid has no involvement from the private sector (unlike the Medicare prescription drug benefit, which offers lower prices to seniors because of competition). And the major expansion of SCHIP being discussed in Congress would be a major success for Moore and proponents of government health care. In some places the program covers families making more than 50% of the rest of the country! Why are we forcing people making above the median income (and often already enrolled in private insurance) into public assistance?

02-Aug-07 03:37 PM

Moore shouldn't be allowed to call his film a "documentary." It should be called a political commercial. We need to fix our health care system, but we shouldn’t accept a Hollywood moviemaker’s political views as the starting point.

01-Aug-07 05:08 PM

Michael Moore's misrepresentation of the facts in his political commentary titled "Sicko" is a disservice to the American public. Yes, the health care system in the U.S. needs to be modernized, but his answer, a government run health care system, is neither modern nor free.

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