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Huw Edwards surveillance

This item is taken from the BBC website which accompanied the first series of the show in July 2000, but sadly no longer exists. Huw Edwards reads the six o'clock news on BBC One, and thus was an ideal target given the RDA is recorded an hour later.
Huw outside tube station
Huw outside TV centre
BBC news centre

The writers of RDA would like to exclusively reveal the results of their 24-hour undercover investigation of newsreader Huw Edwards, between Monday 17th and Wednesday 19th July.

Huw Edwards Statistics
Huw hoved into view:
Monday - 7.16 and 24 seconds
Tuesday - 7.09 and 34 seconds
Wednesday - 7.11 and 16 seconds

Time Car Door was closed (the OFFICIAL time of Huw leaving the building):
Monday - 7.17 and 5 seconds
Tuesday - 7.09 and 44 seconds
Wednesday - 7.11 and 52 seconds

The facts we know
En route to a chauffeured car, Huw’s footsteps measure approximately 2 feet in length. On both occasions: Huw was travelling at 3.2 feet per second to his car. He was wearing a lightweight jacket (for speed?) and glasses but no tie. The wind resistance factor was low. The ground was dry. The going was good (the route to Huw’s car was unimpeded). A shoulder bag was carried.

But hold on...
On Monday, Huw was first spotted with a bag over his shoulder heading into reception to check on the location of his car. On that section of his journey, he was travelling at 2 feet per second. When he emerged, however, his land-speed increased to his usual 3.2 feet per second.

So why the disparity on Monday?
Either because:
Huw switched the position of the bag from the "over the shoulder" casual position to the traditional "carrying in the hand" approach when he re-emerged from reception. We can only assume this aids his speed of travel.

Or because: Huw was displaying a natural degree of uncertainty - don’t forget, at that stage he didn’t know the location of his car, hence his poor 2 feet per second travelling speed. Once the car was located, Huw’s increased confidence caused an increase of 1.2 feet per second, bringing him up to the usual 3.2.

From the writers' cavern: Kevin Anderson, Ed Dyson, Dan Evans, Andre Vincent, & Phil Whelan

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