MLB Scoreboard - July 10, 2007
- All-Star Game -
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  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9   R H E    
ALA 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 2 0   5 10 0  
NLA 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 2   4 9 1  
W: J. Beckett L: C. Young S: F. Rodriguez
American All-Stars
I Suzuki CF31320001.000
T Hunter CF2000001.000
F Rodriguez P0000000.000
D Jeter SS3010001.333
C Sabathia P0000000.000
M Lowell 3B11100001.000
D Ortiz 1B2000002.000
J Morneau 1B2000001.000
A Rodriguez 3B3010001.333
J Verlander P0000000.000
G Sizemore RF-CF1000011.000
V Guerrero RF3000001.000
J Santana P0000000.000
   c-V Martinez PH11120001.000
J Papelbon P0000000.000
J Putz P0000000.000
A Rios RF0000000.000
M Ordonez LF2000001.000
C Crawford LF2111000.500
I Rodriguez C2010000.500
C Guillen SS2000000.000
P Polanco 2B1000000.000
B Roberts 2B2100100.000
D Haren P0000000.000
   a-M Ramirez PH1000000.000
J Beckett P0000000.000
   b-J Posada PH-C3010001.333
a-flied out to right for D Haren in the 3rd
b-flied out to center for J Beckett in the 5th
c-homered to left for J Santana in the 8th
2B: J Posada (1, T Hoffman)
HR: I Suzuki (1, 5th inning off C Young 1 on, 1 Out); C Crawford (1, 6th inning off F Cordero 0 on, 2 Out); V Martinez (1, 8th inning off B Wagner 1 on, 2 Out)
RBI: I Suzuki 2 (2), C Crawford (1), V Martinez 2 (2)
2-out RBI: C Crawford, V Martinez
GIDP: D Jeter 1
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: D Ortiz 1, T Hunter 1
Team LOB: 5
SB: A Rodriguez (1, 2nd base off C Hamels/R Martin)
PB: J Posada 1.
American All-Stars
D Haren2.021112039-254.50
J Beckett (W)2.010002030-180.00
C Sabathia (H)1.01000009-50.00
J Verlander (H)1.021100021-139.00
J Santana (H)1.000002010-90.00
J Papelbon (H)1.010002017-140.00
J Putz (H)0.222211124-1427.00
F Rodriguez (S)0.100020014-60.00
Batters faced: D Haren 9; J Beckett 7; C Sabathia 4; J Verlander 5; J Santana 3; J Papelbon 4; J Putz 5; F Rodriguez 3
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: D Haren 1-3; J Beckett 2-2; C Sabathia 2-1; J Verlander 1-2; J Santana 1-0; J Papelbon 0-1; J Putz 0-1; F Rodriguez 0-1
National All-Stars
J Reyes SS4130000.750
J Hardy SS0000100.000
B Bonds LF2000002.000
C Hamels P0000000.000
D Lee 1B2010101.500
C Beltran CF3110012.333
O Hudson 2B1000111.000
K Griffey Jr RF2012011.500
A Rowand CF2000014.000
D Wright 3B3010001.333
F Sanchez 3B1000001.000
P Fielder 1B1000100.000
C Young P0000000.000
F Cordero P0000000.000
   b-M Holliday PH-RF2000011.000
R Martin C3000012.000
B McCann C1000000.000
C Utley 2B2000001.000
T Saito P0000000.000
   c-C Lee PH1000010.000
B Wagner P0000000.000
T Hoffman P0000000.000
   d-D Young PH11100001.000
J Peavy P0000000.000
B Penny P0000000.000
   a-M Cabrera PH1000011.000
B Sheets P0000000.000
A Soriano LF3112010.333
a-struck out swinging for B Penny in the 2nd
b-grounded to first for F Cordero in the 6th
c-struck out swinging for T Saito in the 7th
d-reached on infield single to second for T Hoffman in the 9th
2B: J Reyes (1, J Beckett)
3B: C Beltran (1, J Verlander)
HR: A Soriano (1, 9th inning off J Putz 1 on, 2 Out)
RBI: K Griffey Jr 2 (2), A Soriano 2 (2)
SF: K Griffey Jr
2-out RBI: K Griffey Jr, A Soriano
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: K Griffey Jr 1, A Rowand 2, R Martin 1, F Sanchez 1
Team LOB: 9
SB: J Reyes (1, 2nd base off D Haren/I Rodriguez); D Lee (1, 2nd base off J Papelbon/J Posada)
E: P Fielder (1, catch)
DP: 1 (J Reyes-C Utley-P Fielder).
Outfield Assist: K Griffey Jr (A Rodriguez at Home).
National All-Stars
J Peavy1.010000016-90.00
B Penny (H)1.00000007-50.00
B Sheets (H)1.020000014-90.00
C Hamels (H)1.020000010-70.00
C Young (L)1.012210116-1018.00
F Cordero1.011100115-119.00
T Saito1.000000013-90.00
B Wagner1.022201115-1018.00
T Hoffman1.010000022-130.00
Batters faced: J Peavy 4; B Penny 3; B Sheets 5; C Hamels 4; C Young 5; F Cordero 4; T Saito 3; B Wagner 5; T Hoffman 4
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: J Peavy 3-0; B Penny 2-1; B Sheets 1-2; C Hamels 2-0; C Young 0-3; F Cordero 1-2; T Saito 1-2; B Wagner 1-1; T Hoffman 3-0
Scoring SummaryALANLA
1stK Griffey Jr singled to center, J Reyes scored.01
5thI Suzuki inside-the-park home run to deep right, B Roberts scored.21
6thC Crawford homered to right.31
6thK Griffey Jr hit sacrifice fly to right, C Beltran scored.32
8thV Martinez homered to left, M Lowell scored.52
9thA Soriano homered to right, D Young scored.54
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Game Information
Stadium: AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA
Game Time: 3:06
Weather: 68 degrees, overcast
Wind: 10 mph
Umpires: Home - Bruce Froemming, First Base - Charlie Reliford, Second Base - Mike Winters, Third Base - Kerwin Danley

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